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Farewell Letters

Sample Funny Farewell Letter

by emily on January 21, 2012

11th July 2012

Dear Team,

On my last day at the office today, I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone for all the support and cooperation given to me. I will be joining Pearls Sales as a General Manager from next month.

To Ron, who always ate my lunch despite my clearly labeled lunch box and then acting as if it was his. I have always known this!

To Jacob, now you won’t have to look around for stationery, you can use all of my stuff.

To Maria, I have kept a watch on your desk to remind you that the copier has jammed, and get it changed.

I wish all of you very best in your future accomplishments.


Kind Regards


David Taylor

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Sample Fax Engineer Farewell Letters

by emily on January 21, 2012

Mr. Jonas Lap

Human Resource Manager

Global Systems Software


45, Short Lane, Lancaster

Dear Mr. Lap,

This is in reference to your advertisement appearing on 24th August at your website for a Computer Hardware Engineer for your firm. After reviewing the requirements, I would like to mention that my qualification, skills, and expertise are same to those needed by your company. I completed my Bachelors in Computer Engineering from International University, and I am in my final year of my Masters in the same field at Global Institute. I posses a lot of knowledge about the industry trends and accomplishments, which I feel could add value to your organization.

I am currently working for Hardware solutions as a Computer Engineer. I am responsible for researching, planning, and proposing system and hardware choices that meets clients’ business needs. The analytical, managerial, interpersonal, and technical skills I have accumulated over the years can be of great assistance to your organization. I’ am also involved in consultancy work.

Should you find me interesting to talk to, contact me at the above number and I’ll avail myself for an interview. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Frank Duffrence

Enclosure: Resume

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Sample Girl Friend Farewell Letter

by emily on January 21, 2012

Bessy Kones.


12, Bed fort Hill,

Santa Ana, USA

Dear Bessy,

How are you? I am doing well.  I am writing to you from Denver. I had to come here, due to the sudden illness of my mom. Sorry for not keeping you posted about all of this honey. She was in a critical condition. And you know how much I love her, because after my dad’s death it was her who took care of me, loved me and brought me up. Now after the operation she is feeling better.

Dear, I need to share one very important thing with you. Mom got a wedding proposal for me. She wants me to marry one of our friends so as to continue our family tree. I tried my extreme level in persuading her, that I am in love with you, but she is too obstinate to listen to my words. And therefore I am left with no option, other than to marry that girl. I had to take decision keeping in mind of her bad health condition. I never wanted to cheat on you. I will always love you as my first love of life. Hope you can understand my situation. I request you from the bottom of my heart to forgive me for everything.



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Sample Thank you Farewell Letter

by emily on January 21, 2012

Dear Everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone that today is my last day at Softwood Software Designs. I will be heading Robert Software solution from next month as a General Manager.

Working at Softwood was a lot of fun and I will really miss all of you. All of you have always been a great support and have always co-operated me. Please free to call me for any kind of help, I will be always available on my number +954-789-7412 or you can email me also in my id Please do keep in touch everyone. Wish you all a bright future ahead.

Warm Regards

Robert Dale

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Sample Farewell Party Thank You Farewell Letters

by emily on January 21, 2012

Bed Rock School of Arts,


456, Hogsmede,


New Wales,



Dear Sir,

Greetings of the day!

I Harry Potter on behalf of all the graduating students would like to express their gratification for arranging such an amazing farewell party. We had a ball of time with you, our professors and friends in the party. Also I would like to give special thanks to the non-teaching staff members for taking all the pain and care to decorate the place and for making arrangements for the scrumptious dinner.

Also this letter would be incomplete without mentioning the great show put up by our juniors. A big thank you to all my junior pals. They have arranged for some very funny games and prizes. It was very touching to see everyone’s participation for the farewell party. It will be indeed the best farewell party and we will cherish each and every moment of the day.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Harry Potter

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Sample Student Farewell Letter

by emily on January 21, 2012

12th May 2012

Dear Students,

We would like to put up notice before you leave the school next week. We wish you a great future ahead and best wishes for your career aspirations. Before you leave, we would like you to make sure that you fulfill few more responsibilities.

Please make sure you clean your desk and lockers. And submit the keys to your class teacher. Clear all your dues and take back any refundable deposits held. For this you can meet the head accounts in the library tomorrow. Also, meet the postman and get your address changed to your home address for delivering mails.

At the end, we at this school wish each and every one of you good luck in your future endeavors.

Warm Regards

James Lay


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Sample Staff Farewell Letter

by emily on January 21, 2012

Ms. Hermoine Granger,


563, Atlantic Beach,



April 19, 2012

The Staff Members

Dear All,

As you all know, this is my last day in the office. I would like to say good bye before I leave my post as your Human Resource Manager. I and my family are shifting to California as my husband is setting up a business there. I never wanted to leave this job, as the work environment here is very friendly and it feels like family working here.

I would like thank all of you for being such a great support always I have worked with this company for ten long years as an HR. This job taught me so many things. I have shared my good and bad times here with you all and it has made me a better and stronger person both professionally and personally. I wish you all best wishes for your future endeavors. Keep in touch.

Thank You!

Yours faithfully

Ms. Hermoine Granger,

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Sample Son Farewell Letter

by emily on January 21, 2012

Mr. Wilson Gayle


Timberline Avenue,


Fort Worth,



July 21, 2012

Dearest son,

I am writing this letter to tell you that I am very proud of you. As you know that I will not be able to come before and see you. I want to bid you farewell through this letter. I am so happy that you accepted this job in Japan. I know you have worked very hard to find such a good job and your hard work paid off. You are blessed and fortunate to get a job right after your graduation. It is your acumen and dexterity that has made you a very suitable candidate for that job you applied for.  You really deserved this job and I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.

We all will definitely miss you but it is time for me to let you have your own life.  I hope your career will flourish and your personal life too. God Bless You!

Yours truly,


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Sample Sister Farewell Letter

by emily on January 21, 2012

Ms. Hannah Foster


34/ U- I8, Lake Resorts,





April 24, 20112

Ms. Grace Foster


90210, Philly Street

Dearest Grace,

How are you doing? I am doing well. I am writing this letter to tell you that I am leaving town this weekend for a mission on education. I have joined a youth organization which helps the kids of remotest area to seek education. I volunteered to be part of this noble cause. It will provide education to the most remote and poor areas of the country. I feel that this is one way for me to practice my belief and be able to share what I have to others.

I bid you farewell, sister.  It will be quite some time before we see each other again but I assure you I will bring so many stories back home. Please take care and study well.

Yours loving sister,

Hannah Foster

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Sample Mother Farewell Letter

by emily on January 21, 2012

Ms. Jennifer Aniston

501, Apple Valley, California-92308

June 25, 2012

Ms. Bessy Aniston,

101, Canon City, Colorado-81212

Dearest Mother,

I hope my letter finds you and father in good health and condition.  On my part, I am doing well in school and I expect to graduate this academic year.  At last, after years of hard work and studying, I will be able to reap the rewards and also be able to make you proud of me. Aside from my graduation, I also want to tell you that I have been chosen as one of the representatives of the country to an international conference in Europe next month. I am so happy for being given this wonderful honor. Only five individuals were selected from the country and my heart swells with pride at being one of the chosen few.  It is sad but I must say farewell to you for now, mother. I will leave the country next month and I will no longer be able to bid farewell personally. I will write as soon as I arrive in Japan.

Yours loving daughter,


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