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Invitation Letter to Be Chairman of Wedding Reception

by admin on July 11, 2015

Wedding invitation letter is a formal way of inviting people to the wedding ceremony. It is generally addressed to close friends, relatives and other acquaintances. If it is your daughter’s wedding and you wish to invite your dear friend to be the chairman of the wedding reception then you must write a formal letter.

If you don’t know how to go about it then here is a formal sample wedding reception invitation letter addressing your friend to be the chairman of the function. Use it to create a personalized letter including all the details about the celebration.

Format for Invitation Letter to Be Chairman of Wedding Reception


Amanda Smith

26 Joseph Street

New York

Date: July 7, 2015


John Jackson

12 Richmond Street

New York

Dear Mr. Jackson,

We are elated to invite you for our daughter’s wedding. The purpose of writing this letter is to invite you as the Chairman of the wedding ceremony. Our daughter, Jessica is really attached with you and we would be really happy if you can join the celebrations as the chairman. The details of which have been mentioned below:

Date of Wedding: 1st August 2015

Venue of Wedding: St. George Church

Time of Wedding: 10 a.m. onwards

Venue of Reception: Sunrise Hotels

Time of Reception: 8 p.m. onwards

We are hopeful that you will accept our request and will be present on the special day to give your blessings to the couple. We would be happier if you can bring your wife and kids along.

Please send the confirmation of your presence so that we can make the required arrangements.

You hope to see you on this event.

Thanking you.

Truly yours,

Amanda Smith

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Notice And Acknowledgement of Service Rate Increase

by emily on July 20, 2012



This letter will confirm (person’s) telephone conversation with you today concerning an increase in our billing rate to (amount) per hour, effective (date) It is necessary that we request this increase due to a rise in the cost of conducting our business. We are faced with an increase in payroll taxes and insurance, along with an increase in our overhead costs. In addition to the above, we also seek out a modest profit.

Please find the attached copies of our service agreement and we request that you sign one copy and return it to us indicating your approval of this new rate.

Notice And Acknowledgement of Service Rate Increase

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Employment Letter

by emily on June 29, 2012


Date: _


To: _ (Employee)

Dear _:


We are delighted to inform you that we would like to confirm you as a new employee of our firm in _ position. You will have to report directly to _, commencing with your start of employment on _, 20_.

Your salary will start at $_ per _. AS per the company standards, you will also be covered by the standard group benefit plans and fringe benefits explained to you. For the first year vacation time shall be pro-rated, so you will be entitled to _ day vacation for this year.

If you agree, this letter sets for our understanding, please sign the enclosed copy and return for our files.

We look forward to your joining the company.


Best Regards,


 Employment Letter

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Company Credit Account Denial For Unfavorable Report 1

by emily on June 6, 2012



This is in reference to the application received for the company credit account. We have thoroughly reviewed your application for open account terms, and at this time are unable to open an account for your company. Should circumstances change in the future, please feel free to resubmit an application.

We value your business, and hope to keep you as a client. As a cash client you will be advised of all special sales, and we know that you will find our prices and services competitive enough to allow us to continue serving you.

If you have any questions about this decision, or if I may be of any help in any way with regard to your dealings with our company, please feel free to contact me at the above office.

 Company Credit Account Denial For Unfavorable Report 1


I Am Dropping Out Letter

by emily on May 3, 2012

123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code
February 17, 2012
[Mention Recipient’s Address Here]

I’ve learned a lot from college. College has indeed been one of the most experiencing, challenging parts of my life, and I wouldn’t forget the things I’ve learned here or forget the people I’ve met here for anything in the world. However…I’m dropping out from college. You must be bit surprised (or may be a lot surprised), and I’m not going to try to explain myself in this letter. I’ve given this a very deep thought and taken this decision that I will try my hand at [what you’d rather do] This is what I wish to do and I hope you’ll support me in this. Give me a call on 987-456-0544 and I’ll discuss this in detail with you. I hope you understand that this is what I really want to do. Thanks. Take Care.

Warm Regards,

Sean Peterson

Encl: [List of enclosed items goes here]

Download I Am Dropping Out Letter In Word Format

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Do Not Go Out With That Person Letter

by emily on May 2, 2012

Since we are good friends, I care for you, and that’s what I’m doing. I am aware that you and [name of the person] exchanged phone numbers [description of how you got to know about the numbers of getting exchanged] and I being you’re good friend ought to tell you something which is important. Do not go out with [him/her]. It’s not that [he’s/she’s] a bad or something. It’s just that [he/she] [description of weird behavior]. I know several other [guys/girls] who’ve gone out with [him/her] and they all say the same thing: please stay away from him! I hope you’ll take my advice. I know you’re a big [girl/boy], but sometimes you just need a pal to warn you when you’re about to step on a land mine. Please consider what I am saying.

Download Do Not Go Out With That Person Letter In Word Format

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Please Cancel Our Order Letter

by emily on April 20, 2012

Please Cancel Our Order –


[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],


This is to inform you that we want to cancel our last order with you.

We ordered [product name and quantity] on [date].

–          [State reasons for cancellation].-

Please accept our sincere apologies for inconvenience caused to you.

Look forward to do business with you in the future.




[Your name & Designation]


[Company name]

Encl: [Enclosures List here]

 Download Please Cancel Our Order Letter In Word Format


Sample Student Recommendation Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012

Mr. James Freeman
The Principal
Maryland University
Maryland – 41565

March 12, 2012

Subject:  – Recommendation letter for ‘Lillian Lopez’.


It is a great pleasure to recommend Ms. Lillian Lopez for higher studies in your prestigious university.

I know this intelligent girl for the past three years. She performed outstandingly in all her academic terms in our college. Lillian wants to pursue ‘Doctoral Studies’ through your institution.

I know the qualities of this student. I was her professor in the department of English at ‘Thomas Jeffrey College’. I rarely come across students of this kind of level. She completed her Masters from our college and she was ranked 2nd in her class. 

Apart from academics, she possesses many other great qualities that make her a good person. She is very friendly and would always help & support her friends with all academic and personal problems. She is a self-motivated student who knows what she wants from life.

Lillian is very enthusiastic in group discussions and has won many awards for projects. She participated in all school competitions and state level competitions, and excelled.

So, I recommend Ms. Lillian Lopez for admission in your Doctorate program. I can assure you that she will add value to your University.

Thanks for your consideration.


Brent Powell

(H.O.D – English)

Thomas Jeffrey College

Download Sample Student Recommendation Letter In Word Format

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Sample Invitation to Religious Event Letter

by emily on March 19, 2012

[Your Name, & Address here]



[Recipient Name & address here]

[Date here]

Dear [name],
We invite you to a surprise party in honor of [Person’s name]. We wish to celebrate [person’s name]’s [occasion here].

It will be really a great enjoyment, but only if no one tells the [person’s name] about it.
We have chosen [place name] as the venue for the bash on [date and time]. Food and drinks will be served.
RSVP required on or before [party date]. Please call us on [phone no.].

Look forward to meet you there.



[Your name]

 Download Sample Invitation to Religious Event Letter In Word Format 1

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Sample Mutual Release Letter

by emily on March 10, 2012

Joint Release –

For good and valuable consideration, the reception and satisfactoriness of which is hereby accredited, [first party name in the release] and, [second party name in the release] hereby free and discharge each other &, their respective successors, and allocates of and, from all actions, roots of action, damages, claims and demands whatever, which they had, presently have or which they, their heirs and allocates, or any of them in future can, shall or might have in opposition to one another for any cause whatever, that includes but does not limit to all actions, roots of action, damages, claims and demands occurring out of [state what claim the joint release has been agreed upon]

For the same consideration, the two parties  are also in agreement for not making claim or take any legal actions against each other, or any other person or body that may allege payment or cover under the conditions of any decree or otherwise.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this Release this _____ day of _________________, 20_____.


…………………………………………..                  ………………………………………….

Witness                                                                        [First Person Name]

…………………………………………..                  ………………………………………….

Witness                                                                        [Second Peron Name]

Download Sample Mutual Release Letter In Word Format

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