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Request Letters

Request Letter Format

by emily on April 9, 2012


[Recipient’s name here]

[Recipient’s Position here]

[Company name here]

[Place Name



Dear (Recipient’s name),


First Paragraph: This is in regard to (state month here) and what it is related to.

– [Write here about your disappointment for the (state here the event which didn’t take place and you are regretful for)].

Second Paragraph: I request for your attention into this matter, and (state here what appropriate thing now you want in order to make you happy and pleased – state clearly about your demand).

Third Paragraph: I look forward to your cooperation – (write here that you are open for any additional information they want from you).


Thanking You,




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Request Letter For Experience Certificate Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mrs. Camilla Parker,

Skye Technical Solutions,

25-D, Perks St., London – SW15 5KV

12th Aug 2010,


Dear Mrs. Parker,


I am Steve Parson, an ex-employee of your company. I worked with your esteemed organization as a Sr. Technician for around four years and resigned on 15 July, 2012.

Further, I would say that I submitted all the company belongings before I left and I received my due salary, but my experience certificates & reliving letter have still not been given to me.

The company where I have been appointed now is asking for these documents. Now, my joining completely depends on producing the documents.

It has been over a month, but I didn’t get these documents. So, I request you to please provide me with these documents at your earliest convenience.

I thank you for your attention into this mater and look forward for a positive reply.



Steve Parson

Ph. 555-458-8547

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Request Letter For Appointment Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mr. Jackie Woo,

Managing Director

640, Dale Street,

El Monte, C.A. – 54126


Dear Mr. Woo,

We are one of the leading market research & survey companies, ‘Brinson & Smith Research’.

We have conducted thousands of business surveys with participation from the leading companies in all sectors for the past ten years.

Presently, we are conducting a new survey concerning the different ways of ‘general office procedures’ in different types of industries.

The objective of this survey is to collect the related data and improve the efficiency & output in businesses. The survey data will help imply new strategies in different businesses for better office maintenance.

Further, we plan to organize a corporate seminar in the next month where the results of this survey will be addressed. All the participants of the survey will be invited to this event.

So, in this regard, we seek your appointment for conducting this survey in your office.

We request you to please allow us to perform this business study in your office and, be a part of new change that will improve the current business strategies &productivity.


Thanking you.



Brinson & Smith Research

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Request Letter For Allowance Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mr. Tom Ferguson

H.R. Department,

Striking Technologies

52, Old Fort Enclave

London – WC23 7OG

12th June, 2012.


Dear Sir,

I am Brian Adams, an employee of Striking Tech., Jr. Technician,

I am writing in to inform you that the allowances I was entitled to, have not been received by me. There are total of two months due allowances.

I request you to look into this matter at your earliest convenience.

The details of allowances –

1.      Travel Allowance

2.      House Rent Allowance

3.      Outstation Allowance

4.      Conveyance allowance

5.      Medical allowance

I did not receive allowances for these months – March, April & May – in my understanding; the total is around £850.

I am also enclosing the related documents in this regard. Please resolve this issue and ensure the payment.

Thanking you.


Brian Adams

Employee Id – 642

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Request Letter For a Job Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mr. Gregg Gilford

H.R. Manager,

Julia Dr,

Waco, Texas – 45218

April 03, 2012


Dear Sir,

I am Kathy Rowell, a resident of Waco. I wish to apply for an open position in your reputed company. I am interested in the position of ‘Project Manager’.

I meet all the requisites mentioned in your job advertisement. I maintained a good academic track during my school and college education. Post my graduation in ‘Computer Science’, I joined a special workshop conducted on the particular computer application this job profile deals with.

I gained valuable information and enhanced my knowledge about this new program through this workshop. I was trained by one of the best computer science faculties in the city. I also have the knowledge of many other computer programs and languages.

With my previous employers, I worked on many live projects in different programming languages. Now, I want to utilize my knowledge and experience in your company.

I possess good communication skills. I am a self-motivated person, a team player and, I complete my work in timely manner.

I look forward for your reply and work with you.



Kathy Rowell

Ph. 526-458-7456

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Request Letter For a Bank Statement Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


The Manager,

New Land Co-Operative Bank,

Peter’s Dr., S-Block,

Fresno, CA – 45263

April 14, 2012


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Maggie Pennington, Director, the ‘New Endeavor Media Sales’, Fresno.

We have a business account with your Bank for the past eight years – (a/c no. 000081524).

We need the bank statements for our account for the past three months as we have to submit our taxes next month. Please issue us detailed statements from January 1st 2012 to March31st, 2012.

It would be really great if you could send us the statements at the earliest.


Thanking you.


Maggie Pennington


New Endeavor Media Sales

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Request For Quote Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mr. Keith Ford,

Branch Head,

Star Motor Parts

D Block, 4th Lane,

London – L21 8YH

13th April, 2012.

Sub. – Request for quotation letter.


Dear Mr. Ford,

I am Donald Stevens, a local businessman dealing in auto parts sale & service in your neighborhood. We also deal in assembling cars, and thus, we are looking for a trader who can supply us with good motor parts.

We have heard very positive things about your company’s products & developments.

So, we request a quotation for the following products mentioned below –

Products                               Description                                 Unit price

Steering                                for Honda                                       –

New & Old Tiers                 for Ford                                      –

Engine Pump                       for Audi                                              –

Windscreen                          for Mercedes                                      –

Please fill in the attached form and reply us with the quotations by next week. We would need about 450 units of each item, and timely delivery is a must.


Waiting for your reply

Max Pits


Max Auto Solutions

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Referral Request Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mr. Tim Benson

Commercial Manager

Morgan Energy Solutions

2-L, Crawford Shopping Square

London – H4 5RN

12, March, 2012


Dear Mr. Benson,

I am writing in reference to my interview that I gave to you last Monday, 03, March, for the post of ‘Area Manager – Sales’.

I have come to know that I have not been selected by your company. I was kind of shocked of this result as my written test & interview was very good. But, I do agree that there must be some genuine reason that I was not selected.

Further, I would like to say that it would be great if you could provide me with your referral letter. You must have many contacts in the business circle as you are working in this big company for the past ten years.

I am really serious about my job search and, given a chance, I will work with complete dedication, sincerity and hard work. With five years of experience in sales, I can now contribute to the success of any company.

So, I request you to please provide me with some good referrals for positions matching my resume. You can contact me for any additional information on – 126-415-4587.

Thank you for your precious time, I look forward for good referrals.


Yours Sincerely,

Lisa Andrews

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Recommendation Request Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mrs. Rebecca Shields


‘Mother Mary Girls School’

New Light Avenue,

London – J12 6LU

April 20, 2012


Dear Mrs. Shields,

I am Tina Watson, an ex-student of your school, writing in to request you for a recommendation letter.

I want to get enrolled in a reputed college, and without a recommendation letter, it’s really difficult to get admission.

I have maintained a good track record in my school time. I was also involved in sports & other extra-curricular activities.

So, I request you to please give me a letter recommending my admission, stating these points in brief –

  • Academic track record
  • Active participation in sports & extra-curricular activities.
  • Helping attitude towards other students in my class
  • My school projects – ‘New Science’ project – selected for Science exhibition of students.

You can contact me on – 526-458-7458 for any information. I am really expecting this help from you.


Thank you.


Tina Watson

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Pay Rise Request Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mr. Bernard Hays

Sr. Manger – HR

New Looks Cosmetics Inc.

3, Palm Avenue, D Block,

London – G12 6PR

12th April, 2012


Dear Mr. Hays,

It has been over three years working with your team. Over these years, I really enjoyed working under your guidance and support.

I followed each & everything that I learned from you in the training sessions. Your tips & techniques helped me a lot achieve my targets. And, I am very confident that you would agree that now I have become a very strong pillar of your sales team.

Over this period, there has been a remarkable increase in the sales. However, despite increased sales, my salary remains the same.

So, considering my achievements while working for this company, I am now requesting a 10 percent hike in my salary.

I hope my request will be considered and immediate action will be taken.



Ms. Lucy Richards

(Sales Team)

New Looks Cosmetics

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