Request Letter For Salary Increment Letter


Mr. Gary Parkinson


New Ovation Enterprises

Park Lane, London – E10 4PL

12, April, 2012


Dear Sir,

I am Samuel Jims, working with your company for the past two years as a Sr. Sales Executive.

Over this period of five years, I always worked hard with my complete dedication and sincere efforts. I achieved my sales targets every month and generated many new business contacts & orders.

However, despite my full dedication & loyalty to this company, I am still receiving the same salary on which I was appointed two years back.

Last month, I made the H.R. department aware of my concern, but no action was taken.

Now, I am raising this issue with you. My current salary is not sufficient to look after my family. I would like to say that if I don’t get a raise this month, then I will consider moving on to a company that pays me higher.

I have given my two years to this company & really like working here, but I will only continue if my request is considered.


Thank you and I look forward for a positive response.



Samuel Jims

(Sales Department)

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