Nursing Resignation Letter


Mr. James D’souza

Sales Manager
Graffiti Corp.

March14, 2012



Dear Mr. D’souza,

I am officially submitting my resignation letter to you from the post of Sr. Exe. – Marketing.

I will be working till March 30, 2012.

A new company has offered me a position of ‘Asst. Sales Director’. I believe that this position will give me an opportunity to explore new horizons. I want a new challenging role at this stage of my career and I think this is the right opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and step up the career ladder.

I really thank you for your help & support during the last two years. I will always miss you. You trained me in marketing so well that it will help me achieve new heights of success in my career ahead.

I wish you and this company the very best for future.


Yours sincerely,

Peter North

(Sr. Exe. –Marketing)

Graffiti Corp.

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