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Letter of Encouragement to Sales Staff

by emily on July 18, 2012

TO: Sales Department



Dear ( Name of Company ) Family Member:

There are two sides to the story, two sides of a coin, and two ways to face the day.

There are always the prophets of doom and the cynics who will be happy to lead their followers through long periods of drought and famine.

When an unfortunate individual starts blaming his own failures on others, and on conditions over which he has no control, he can usually forget about achieving his goals.

There are good times and bad times, but at all times there are sales that are made and sales that are lost.

You have all proven that you are not only capable, but excel as salesmen. I am proud of the accomplishments of our sales force and know that nothing can hold back the motivated individual who has an excellent product to sell.

In the months to come, I feel confident that you will persevere in a manner that will result in an increase in sales and commissions to each and every one of you that will far exceed our projections.

The outlook for the coming year is brighter than it has been for some time. With a positive, assertive attitude, nothing can stop us!

Letter of Encouragement to Sales Staff

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Reward For Great Grades Letter

by emily on May 7, 2012

123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code

February 17, 2012-02-12


[Mention Address of the Recipient Here]


You may have received the gold-plated report card I sent home [time you sent card]. Let me assure you that it was the result of meticulous hard work and sincere study, and there was no bribery or blackmailing involved in it. That said, I think the time has come to discuss a reward for this grand accomplishment, namely, [preferred reward]. I think a booming college [class year] should have something to show the globe that [his/her] success is appreciated. I’m sure you don’t want to stunt my social growth, do you? So let’s negotiate. I’ll look forward to your first offer. Waiting for your response.

Warm Regards

Bob Travolta

Encl: [List of enclosed items goes here]

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Sample Statement of Interest Letter

by emily on April 18, 2012

January 22, 2012

Danny Graham


Bright star Computer Networks


Rhode Island

Dear Mr. Graham,

I am writing this letter to you to express my interest in the position of programmer in your company. I am attaching my resume and all the necessary documents along with this letter.

The chance presented in this excerpt is very interesting, and I think that my powerful and updated technical experience and knowledge will make me a suitable candidate for this position. The key skills that I have for accomplishment in this position are: I have easily planned, developed, and used live applications. I struggle for continued brilliance .I can provide exceptional contributions to client service for all clientele. I also have a degree in computer engineering from Boston University.

Should you find me interesting to talk to, contact me at the above number and I’ll avail myself for an interview. Thank you for your consideration.

Thanking You,


John Smith

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Sample How to write a Reference Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012


Recommendation Letters

A recommendation letter or reference letter is written to confirm an individual’s skills, characters and accomplishments for different purposes. Recommendation letter is also written in favor of a business.


Types of Recommendation Letter – Educational Reference letter, Character reference letter and Job Reference letter.


1. Educational Reference Letter – An academic reference letter is required to get admission into a college or university. It is also written for scholarships. Many times, numeric scores alone cannot guarantee the admission. In fact, institutes simply use the grades for the screening process to cut down the number of applicants. In such a situation, an academic reference letter is extremely important for students.

2. Character Reference Letter – A well written character reference letter can help you for many different purposes. You may require this letter for academic admissions, a job, and an adoption, child custody, a membership in a club or association or to rent a house etc-etc. This letter highlights your personal traits and strengthens your application for all these purposes.

3. Job Reference Letter – Getting a job is not easy; no matter how talented you are as the competition is really tough. Today, Apart from a Resume and cover letter, it is also required to get an ‘Employment/Job reference letter’ to secure a job. This type of recommendation letter is usually written by the immediate senior person in a company.


How to write a Recommendation Letter

It is required to write such a letter on company or school/college letter-head mentioning designation of the writer.

When it comes to writing a recommendation letter, the first thing that comes here is that one should have known the concerned person for a reasonable time for referring or recommending them for any purpose. The writer should mention the duration they know the person for and how well they know the person.

A reference letter should state the credibility of the writer in the very beginning of a letter. In the start of a letter, the writer should state the relationship between them and the concerned person. Recommendation letters are written by people who are your immediate contact points in your educational institute, employment or other association. In many cases, recommendation letters can also be written by any person who knows you for a long time. For instance, your close neighbor may be asked to provide a reference/recommendation letter if you want to adopt a child.

After the introduction, the writer should emphasize on the attributes of the concerned person. The letter should have brief information about the accomplishments of the concerned person. Apart from professional or academic achievements, a letter should also state the personal traits of a person. It should mentioned specific examples that highlight the personal traits of a person. A ‘Character reference letter’ is a good example in which the main focus is on the personal qualities.

An important part of recommendation letter – the weaknesses. People get confused that whether to mention the weaknesses of a person or not. Well, the result depends on the addressee; a person may get impressed with the honesty shown in the letter, while some other person may take it seriously and decide against the concerned person. It all depends on the specific situation you are writing a letter for, so there is no ‘perfect answer’ to this concern.

While writing this type of letter, a writer should take enough time to choose words carefully and not make any mistake. Always provide your writer with the necessary documents that generally include –

  • Copy of your academic transcript – a photocopy is fine
  • Copy of your Resume informing everything about you
  • Copy of documents like experience certificates etc.
  • Any forms required to be submitted along with the letter


A recommendation letter should include the contact details of the writer. A cover letter works well along with a letter.

It is advised to sit & talk with the writer before a letter is written. A writer may miss something important in the letter that you specifically wanted in it. Provide all the information to the writer like the position you are applying for and your future goals etc.

The end part of a recommendation letter should repeat the recommendation for the person.

Following these guidelines ensures a great recommendation letter and serves your purpose.


Note – If the first person who is supposed to write a letter for you is not confident about writing an impressive letter, then it is better to seek an alternative as presenting a mild letter that competes with many other attractive letters can sometimes decrease your approval chances.

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Sample Recommendation Letter for Promotion Letter

by emily on April 4, 2012

Derrick Penn
Manager – Sales
Myers & Myers Corp.

Dustin Cruz
H.R. Manager
Myers & Myers Corp.

April 07, 2012


Sub: – Promotion Recommendation – Accounts Officer

Dear Mr. Cruz,

As I discussed it with you last week, I am submitting my report for the promotion of Mr. Mr. Cecil Boyd in our company.

During his tenure as an ‘Accounts officer’ for five years with us, Cecil has always shown outstanding performance.

He has wide knowledge about corporate accounting and is trained with latest accounting methods. He is proficient in all the accounting procedures. He took initiative and came up with highly useful online accounting procedures that really benefited our company with huge cost savings.

Cecil has been rewarded as ‘Employee of the month’ many times last year. He is well qualified and is the most sought after employee in the department.

In my opinion, he deserves an appraisal at this time. He should be promoted to the position of ‘Accounts Manager’ as he is perfectly suitable for the position.

So, I request you to consider his promotion in light of his accomplishments in this company.


Derrick Penn
Manager – Sales
Myers & Myers Corp.

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Sample Good Letter of Recommendation Letter

by emily on April 4, 2012

Recommendation Letter

Having a well written recommendation letter in your hands strengthens your application for a number of purposes. A recommendation letter increases your chances of approval and serves your purpose. This letter should be written by a person who knows you for a considerable time.

Recommendation letters are for different purposes and hence, people on different designations may be requested to write a letter.

For instance, if you want to get a job, then you would have to get your reference letter written by the immediate senior in your office. The person would highlight the professional accomplishments achieved by you during your tenure in the company. When you leave a company, request your supervisor to provide you with the letter.

And, if you need to get admission in a college or university, then an academic reference letter should be written by your teacher or professor. This letter is also issued for scholarships. This type of letter states your academic achievements and highlights your qualities, learning abilities and scores. For this type of letter, it is good to request your teacher/professor to provide you with the letter one month in advance.

Also, a character reference letter is required for different purposes like adoption, association membership etc-etc.

When you approach the person who will write the letter, you should provide all the necessary information with copies of certificates & documents which are to be submitted along with the application.

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Sample Solicited Letter of Reference Excellent Employee Letter

by emily on February 29, 2012

Solicited Letter of Reference: Excellent Employee

[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],



I am really pleased to provide you with a reference about [employee name].

As the [your position] of [Company name], I know [employee last name] for the past [duration].

He/she was working in our company as a [employee position] from [joining date] to [resigning date]. The job responsibilities of [employee last name] included – [State main responsibilities of the employee here]

–          [State here the qualities and accomplishments of the employee].

For instance, – [Employee first name] was a sincere and hard working employee of this organization. He/she would do all the assignments given to him/her in timely manner. He/she has great work management skills and, I was personally very impressed with his/her people management and multitasking abilities.

He/she is a person with diverse thinking and has a great enthusiasm for completing his/her assignments. [Employee last name] contributed a lot to this organization.

[Employee first name] was also very co-operative to all the staff here and, people really miss her for always available support. He/she was a true inspiration for our employees.

Therefore, I am very pleased to recommend [employee full name] to your company. He/she will be definitely a great asset to your organization.




[Your name]


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Sample Request for Raise Letter

by emily on February 28, 2012

Request for Raise –

[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],


I am writing in to seek an opportunity to meet with you in person and request a raise for me.

I would like to tell you that I have been working as a [your position] for the past [duration] in [Company name].

I always work hard, and with all my sincere efforts for the benefit of our company. I always seek information and try to expand my knowledge about my field so that I can work more efficiently and contribute to the success of this company and, at the same time grow professionally and personally.

– [Additionally, you can state here what particular ways you see to contribute to the company].

I feel that the management is satisfied with my performance and dedication. And, I would like to tell you that I – [State here your any accomplishment that you think is important for considering a raise in your salary].

–          [Also, state your future goals, plans and your innovative ideas that can further contribute to the company business].

It has been a considerable time sine I joined this company. During this period, I completed many projects successfully.

Now, I would like to request a raise in my salary.  I hope that you will agree that my raise request is reasonable, and I am requesting an increment based on my performance.

I am hopeful that you will consider my request.




[Your name]


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Sample Request for Promotion Letter

by emily on February 28, 2012

Request for Promotion

[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],


I am writing in to express my satisfaction with this company and, discuss possible career progression.

As you know that I am working here for the past [duration], and over these years, I worked with all my sincere efforts and dedication to contribute to this company.

I would like to say that while working as a [your position], I always worked hard and sincerely.

–          [State here your accomplishments in the organization and noteworthy contributions to the success of the business].

–      [Also mention the valuable experiences and lessons you have learned, and knowledge you gained during your tenure that now makes you suitable for the promotion you are requesting]

For instance, – I always reached my sales target every month. I was successful in procuring large orders and making new clientele for this organization.With [duration] of experience in sales, I now have the knowledge of ups & downs in the market trends. I have met hundreds of different types of people while dealing for our company and, now I have the ability to how to grow our business, and I can also now identify the areas where we need to improve and grow.Now, after such a great and successful experience in my tenure with this company, I am highly confident that I can take more responsibilities on my shoulders and contribute to the success of this company.After working hard and dedicatedly for this organization for such a long period, I would like to request your consideration for an opportunity that I see in our Company – [State your desired position].I am really confident that I can efficiently handle the responsibilities of this job profile. I am ready to implement my vast knowledge & valuable experience gained over these years to contribute more to the success of this organization.I hope you will consider my request for promotion in the light of the above.Thank you for your consideration.



[Your name]

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Sample Request Company for Reference on Potential Employee Letter

by emily on February 28, 2012

Request Company for Reference on Potential Employee

[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],


This is in reference to the candidature of [applicant full name] for the post of [position title] in our company, [Company name], based in [location].

[Applicant last name] has given your reference as his/her ex-employer.

We would like to request you to please provide us with your professional & personal opinion about this person.

We would like to know about his/her professional accomplishments while working in your company and, the general behavior with colleagues.

– [State here any other particular information you want from the ex-employer].

We thank you in anticipation for your assistance regarding this mater.




[Your name]


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