Sample Job Placement Agreement Letter

Kelvin Mark

42, Fern Ave

Crowley, LA 71565

Dear Mr. Mark,

This letter is sent to confirm that Sun Media Inc. has hired you as its Senior Communications Officer. You are employed under the said position with our company under the following terms and conditions:

1. You agree to render 40 hours of work each week with occasional overtimes whenever needed

2. You shall be responsible in handling the company’s official newsletter and sending press releases to media outfits for every activity of the company

3. The Company has the right to terminate your service with prior notice

4. Your basic compensation is $5000 subject to tax and benefits deductions. Services rendered beyond office hours shall also be paid based on the computed hourly rates

5. The Company will provide you government-granted benefits such as health insurance, leaves, and regularization

Signing in the space provided means you are accepting the said terms and conditions.


Respectfully Yours,

Brad Shaw

Human Resource Manager

Sun Media Inc.

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Sample Job Agreement Letter


Sean Paul,

560, Peters Drive

St. Augustine, FL 31432



Mr. Carl Bridge,

Head of Sales Department,

Pride Land Mart,

St. Augustine, FL 32092

Dear Mr. Bridge,

I would like to thank you for the job, I humbly express my acceptance for the post of Sales Manager in your firm. As asked for my preference on the clauses of the agreement, I have enclosed the same herewith.

I assure you that the firm shall benefit by this decision and my services shall prove fruitful.

I am looking forward for excellent business relations between the two of us.

Yours faithfully,

Sean Paul

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Sample Distributor Agreement Letter


Managing Director,

Brosnan and company,



Dear Sir,

Sub- Letter of Agreement for acting as local distributor of your products

We are pleased to know that you have given us an opportunity as a local distributor of your branded garments in the local market. The agreement has been made between Brosnan & company and California Prime Distributor dated on 09/20/2011. The agreement will continue for the period of 24 months from the date of signing.

The task involve in the agreement which is to be done by us is that we will pick the products of your company from the warehouse of the company and we will be responsible for the distribution of the same in the state market. Every day we will have to achieve the turnover of $500.

For doing this task you will allow us to take the margin of 3% on your products. If we are able to distribute over the target turnover, then you will reward us with 10% on the extra turn over. You will allow us the credit period of 90 days which will be subject to 5 days grace period.

If you agree with these clauses of the agreement then counter sign the same letter and send it to us back for the confirmation of agreement from your side.

We are looking forward to an early association with your company for a mutually fruitful business relationship.

Yours Truly,

Managing Director,

California Prime Distributor

California – 40128


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Sample Apartment Lease Agreement Letter


Mr. David Larry,

C-104, Bright Apartments,

Bridgeton Drive,



Mr. Peter Fredrick,

C-105, Bright Apartments,

Bridgeton Drive,


Dear Mr. Fredrick,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirit. As you must be aware that the leasing agreement for the apartment is approaching its expiry and shall end in the last week of this month. As you told me that you wish to extend the agreement for another two years. Kindly give me a suitable date when we’d fulfill the needed legal formalities to avoid any inconvenience in future.

I also would like to bring to your notice about some changes that I wish to make in the new agreement. Enclosed is the list of desired changes in the clauses.

I look forward to starting a new agreement with you.

Yours faithfully,

David Larry

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Service Agreement Termination Letter


Robert Colossus


Global Networks

Roswell, NM 224354

Phone: 987-654-3210

Dear Sir,

Sub: Termination of Contract for Courier services with your company

Ref:  Our Vendor Contract dated 11th January, 2011.

This is to notify that our Contract under Ref for services stands cancelled with effect from 31st January 2012 on account of deferred and irregular payments by your company.

I would like to request you to please settle your due bills, if any, by 15th February, 2012.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Andy Gilbert

Senior Administrator Officer

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