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Sample Statement of Interest Letter

by emily on April 18, 2012

January 22, 2012

Danny Graham


Bright star Computer Networks


Rhode Island

Dear Mr. Graham,

I am writing this letter to you to express my interest in the position of programmer in your company. I am attaching my resume and all the necessary documents along with this letter.

The chance presented in this excerpt is very interesting, and I think that my powerful and updated technical experience and knowledge will make me a suitable candidate for this position. The key skills that I have for accomplishment in this position are: I have easily planned, developed, and used live applications. I struggle for continued brilliance .I can provide exceptional contributions to client service for all clientele. I also have a degree in computer engineering from Boston University.

Should you find me interesting to talk to, contact me at the above number and I’ll avail myself for an interview. Thank you for your consideration.

Thanking You,


John Smith

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Sample Application Letter For Promotion Letter

by emily on March 31, 2012


Mr. /Ms. ……………. (Sender’s Name)

……………………   (Designation)

Letter No. ….. MD/Promotion/Mktg/1/2012


The Managing Director

…………………. (Company Name)

Dear Sir,

Sub: Request for consideration for Promotion.

1. I have the honor to state that I have been serving meticulously for the past 4 years in the capacity of Manager Marketing. I have received good performance appraisals from my HOD which are available in my database. I have accomplished the marketing targets fixed for me.

2. I have served the Organization with dedication and sincerity, resulting in adequate business promotion and achievement of marketing targets assigned to me.

3. I humbly feel that I am deserving of an elevation in status in the Company. May I request you to consider my case for suitable promotion, as deemed fit and oblige.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

………………. (Signature)

………………. (Name in full)

………………. (Designation & Dept)

Place …………… Dated ……………

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Sample Work Application Letter

by emily on December 28, 2011


The Administrative Officer

International Management College

Pali Road

Banglore- 321456

Dear Sir,

Sub: Appointment of Part-time Data Operator in College.

Ref:  Your announcement in the College Notice Board.

This is in reference to the requirement of part-time data operator in the college. I would like to apply for the same post.

I am a Final Year MCA student in your College in receipt of Scholarship on account of my economic circumstances along with my excellent academic record.

I would like you to consider my application for this part-time work also it can help me financially.

I am also enclosing herewith the Recommendation of the Head of the Dept of MCA Course.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,



Marks Sheet of First Semester Exam

Recommendation Letter of HOD of MCA Course

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Sample Teacher Application Letter

by emily on December 28, 2011

Ms. Asin Goswami

Rajni Nagar, Bangalore

December 20, 2010

Mr. Ashok Bakshi

Manager- Human Resources

Bangalore School

Ghodse Street,

Bangalore – 604 018

Dear Mr. Bakshi,

This is in the reference to the advertisement published last week in the Daily News about job vacancy.  I would like to apply for the post of teacher. I have enclosed my resume along with the letter for your consideration. I can provide recommendation letters at your request.

I have completed my graduation degree of a Bachelor’s in Education from a well known college with excellent grades.  I believe that I have the qualities of a good teacher. Also I was always appreciated by colleagues, students, parents and school principal when I was working with a local school as a practicum.  I have a zeal for teaching and I love working with children.  I am very calm and composed and have patience to deal with different kinds of people.

I am ready to face a personal interview with your highly esteemed panel of interviewers, with an absolutely negotiable salary expectation.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Asin Goswami

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