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Sample Raise Money Fundraising Letter

by emily on January 27, 2012


Mrs. Linda Clark,


Great Fisheries,

235, Pal Dr., Alaska – 45263


12 February 2001


Dear Mrs. Clark,

This is Pamela Watson, writing on behalf of the ‘Good Care’ foundation. We organize different kinds of charity events in the city.

Next month, we are organizing a musical performance show with many new talents participating in the event.

We will utilize the funds collected through this event for running our centre for orphan children and underprivileged people. These people are deprived of the basic amenities and we are working for them to provide good care to them.

We are doing our bit and trying to fulfill their needs.

In the same light, we urge you to get as many people as possible at the venue so that we get the maximum amount of money to support our programs. The tickets are available at all the supermarkets.


Thanking you,


Pamela Watson


Good Care Foundation

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Sample Charity Fundraising Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Mr. Jim Waters

Chief Executive Officer,

Larson & Clark Inc.

56, Galaxy Arcade,

New Ave, Tampa, FL – 45236

April 13, 2012


Dear Mr. Waters,

I am Robert Negev, writing this letter regarding the fundraising program on behalf of the ‘Care for all’ charity foundation.

Our trust has many different programs running for the welfare of orphan and poor children.

We work for these children and provide them with food, shelter and education. Like this one young girl whose parents died in an accident last week and now she is alone in the world, we have adopted many other children and now we are taking care of them.

Your small help can change the life of a poor child. It will also give you a sense of great feeling that you helped change someone’s life.

Please find an enclosed donation form, you can write in the donation amount and return it back to us.

Thank you for your time and we hope that you will donate to our trust to help the poor children.

If you any questions regarding our trust, please feel free to contact us at – 786-589-3202

Thanks & Regards,

Robert Negev


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Sample Activity Fundraising Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Mr. David Stallone

201, Madison Ave

Los Angeles, CA -52415

Dear Mr. David,

I am writing in to introduce our philanthropic involvements to you. Our charity trust was founded ten years ago and since then, it has been working for the poor and needy.

We mainly focus on medical care and feeding programs for the poor in our society. As we are a non-government organization, so we totally depend on the donations we receive from various business houses.

We organize different events to raise funds for our charity works. As part of our regular activities, we have scheduled an event in the next month to raise funds for our feeding program for poor street children.

We cordially invite you to be a part of this event and donate to our group for this noble cause. Your contribution, be it small or big, it will help feed many street children and that is what the purpose of this event.

We await your arrival at the event and hope that you will extend your generous support for this cause.


Abigail Roberts



Open Sky Charity

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Sample School Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mr. Garcia

52, Max Heights

Pamela Dr.

Norman, Oklahoma

August 25, 2012


Dear Mr. Garcia,

I am Bill Morrison, writing on behalf of the ‘Generous Hearts’ charity foundation. We undertook the construction of ‘Good Care’ Hospital in your locality last year.

This hospital is now running fine and serving the poor who cannot afford the bills of big private hospitals.

After this project, we are now planning to build school for the underprivileged children near your area. And, we seek donations to accomplish this project. We remember that you donated a large amount of money for our hospital last year and we hope that you will help us this time too.

We request you to contribute to this noble cause with any amount you think right for this new project. Your generous help will be used to educate the poor children and shape their future the right way and I am sure you will definitely want to be a part of this great cause.

I want to tell you that we never mind any of our donors checking our accounts for whatsoever doubts – we are always open for an audit, anytime. We never misuse the financial aid sent our generous donors.

So, I look forward to your donations for this new school project undertaken by our foundation.

Thanks for your consideration & time.



Bill Morrison

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Sample Hospital Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mr. Jack White


High Care Hospital

Pamela Ave.,

Louisville, Kentucky


Dear Mr. Richardson,

I am contacting you to donate a humble sum to your Hospital.

Actually, I was once admitted in your hospital for the treatment of a disease and, I remember that I would not be alive today, if I hadn’t received the utmost care of your hospital, that too free of cost.

It was really a serious disease, and it was not possible for my family to pay the bills of your hospital. Your hospital’s charity fund helped me get treated and it saved my life.

Today, I am a well-to-do person and, I really think that it is my moral duty to donate some amount of money to your hospital’s charity fund, so that it can be used to save others lives who cannot afford the medical bills.

Please find a check of $10,000 along with this letter, and in case you don’t find the check, do inform me.

Once again, thanks for saving my life and I hope you will keep up the good work in the future too.


Thanks and regards,

Kenneth Roger

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Sample Business Entity Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mr. Jackson

The CEO,

Star Real Estate

Parker St.,

Nashville, Tennessee

August 15, 2012

Mr. Jackson,

This is Rick Thomas, writing on behalf of the ‘Seven Rainbows’ charity group. The purpose of this letter is to keep you  up to date for the different upcoming events that our group has planned to conduct. We are seeking donations through all these events.

Our charity group works for the poor & needy people and, we raise funds through events conducted by our group round the year.

We have two charity events coming uip in the next month. The date, time and place are yet to be finalized. We are approaching all potenital donors to sponsor items that can be auctioned during the events.

We hope that you shall consider our request and donate to the good causes we are supporting. All the money that wil be collectd at teh auctions will be used for different noble causes.

For our generous donors, we have come up with something really good – adequate media coverage during the events. This will be really a great opportunity to earn social respect for your business, and at the same time, you can display your business to a large number of people.

We will also take care of the publicity of your business in the local media coverage and in all the  promotional materials used for the events.

I look forward to a favourable response. I will get in touch with you when the events approach, after two weeks.


Mark Robinson

565, Seven Rainbows Charity Group

Palm Dr.,

Nashvile, Tennessee

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Sample Center Charity Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011

Mr. Richard White,


St Peters old age home,

32-Veronicca Street,


New York

Respected Sir,

My name is Thomas cook and I would like to donate 20% of my annual income to your old age home. It saddens me when I see the parents who have been abandoned by their children and I feel very sorry for them. I felt the only way to express my gratitude towards them is to be useful to them in action but not restricting only up to feelings or speech, that’s the reason why I have taken this step of extending my charity in the form of money.

I understand that money may not buy them love and care they desire for, which they have lost, but it will provide them with some facilities so that they can lead the rest of their lives in peace and solace. I adore your work towards the society and may god bless you with all prosperity.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Thomas cook


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Sample Patients Charity Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011

Mr. Steven Martinez,


Good Care Centre,

45, Adolf Street,



Dear Sir,

I have been observing intensely, the workmanship of your care centre for past 3 years and I am very much gratified and delighted with the outcomes you are showing, which in turn shows your dedication and affection towards your work. I have observed that how efficiently you use the funds and donations you receive. Your whole staff is sincere towards performing their roles and responsibilities.

Hence I have decided to donate 20% of my income to your care centre annually, so that you will be able to render better services and provide shelter to many more mentally ill patients and provide them with a better treatment. I also assure you that I will put a word to my colleagues, relatives, and friends also, to donate at least some amount to your care centre and help you in your task.

May god bless you with all prosperity.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Mr. John Smith

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Sample Event Charity Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011

12th January 2012,

Mr. David Brown,


45th Surf Street,


Chicago Illinois.

Dear Brown,

The Sunshine Group is organizing a charity event on 24th January 2012 to collect donations and raise money for supporting orphan children.  We are inviting most of celebrities from New York and also across the country. The fund raised will be used to benefit the orphans and in providing scholarships to poor and needy students.

The Sunshine Group had organized such events earlier also for funeral and health care expenses. Such events provides individual an opportunity who are willing to donate and help the society. The funds will also benefit The Chicago Foundation for Women, a cause committed in motivating women by providing them tools needed to support them. We will be organizing the stalls, you can donate through the purchase of accessories that you may need and we will contribute the funds for the cause.

Your attendance is your donation. Please join for an evening for a good cause. Looking forward to spending a good evening with you.

Yours Faithfully,


The Sunshine Group.

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