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Complaint Displeased With Treatment Letter

by emily on April 19, 2012

Complaint Displeased With Treatment –


[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],

I am writing to make a complaint. Yours is an organization of very good repute. It is known for great customer service, but recently, I came across disappointment with one of your employees

–          [Describe here the incident]  –

{For instance} – Last week, I went to your [branch name] branch, and I requested Mr. [employee name] to make a deposit for amount of $[amount] into my account, but instead he processed a withdrawal. I then, complained to him regarding this, but he argued with me and talked in a very rude manner. He didn’t listen to me. His tone was very aggressive, and he also refused to make the correction, telling me that it was my fault.

I don’t see any sense in telling you the word-to-word conversation I had with this impolite employee of your bank, but I am sure that after knowing this incident, you will definitely take some action to educate your employee on behavior with customers which will prevent the loss of your business in future.

As I am sure that sitting on such a higher position in your organization, you must be concerned about the image of your bank, I believe I have done the right thing by passing on this information to you.




[Your name & Designation]

[Company name]

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Complaint Displeased With Temp Letter

by emily on April 19, 2012

Complaint: Displeased With Temp –


[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],


I want to inform you that we are highly dissatisfied with the services of the candidate you referred to our company for the position of [position name].

It is because of your reference that we recruited this person in our company as a [position name] on the [date].

[State here the reasons behind your disappointment] – e.g. the employee does not come to office on time, does not complete his tasks timely and lacks necessary skills etc.

As we have been dealing with you since a long time and completely trust you for our recruitment requirements, I hope that this kind of experience will not be repeated in the future.




[Your name]

[Company name]

Encl: [Enclosures List here]

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Commending Employee Letter

by emily on April 19, 2012

Commending Employee –


[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],


I am a customer of your Bank, holding a savings account for the past [duration]. This is not about any request or complaint.

Actually, I am writing in to commend your employee [employee name] for his great professionalism in service. He is working at your [branch area name] branch.

I have dealt with many of your employees in the past, but I never came across such a helping person at your bank. Mr. [employee name] is very professional, always helping out of the way and, has great patience. He always listens to all my requests very patiently and takes the necessary action in time.

I really want to express my satisfaction with Mr. [employee name] for his excellent services to me.




[Your name]

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Resignation Letter with Complaint Letter

by emily on April 10, 2012


Mr. John Anderson

The Director,
Simon & Jerry Sales Corp.

Buffalo, NY – 12563

March 20, 2012.


Dear Mr. Anderson,

This is in regard to my resignation from the post of Executive Secretary in ‘Simon & Jerry Sales Corp’.

I would like to inform you that because of the unjustifiable harassment of the Branch Manager, Mr. David Hamilton, I am forced to resign from my position.

In the past, I made many complaints to the senior authorities, but nothing was ever done regarding this mater. Now, I am unable to work under these circumstances and hence, I resign from this company.

I request you for ensuring that my dues are clear and I am relieved by the end of my notice period. I will work for another two weeks as a mandatory rule for employee resignation.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Yours Sincerely,

Ann Warren
(Executive Secretary)

Simon & Jerry Sales Corp.

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Sample Terminating Employee Due To Bad Behavior Letter

by emily on March 1, 2012

Terminating Employee Due To Bad Behavior

[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],


We are sorry to inform you that the management has decided to terminate your employment with our organization.

Your services will be terminated from the company with effect from [termination date].

As you know that we had previously given you many warnings regarding your – [State here the reasons you are terminating the employee for].

For instance

We received many complaints about you that you talk to our customers in a very rude tone. You argue and almost insult the customers who come to our (office/store/branch). You often respond to the customers in an unprofessional way.You must have this understanding that for any business, the customer is the main priority. Satisfying the needs of our customers is the main responsibility of all the staff in this organization.Many customers have complained about your behavior and, now we cannot risk our business because of the rude behavior of any employee of our company.As I told you above, we informed you of this important issue many times in the past, but you still didn’t improve and hence, we are taking this action against you.Please handover the company belongings to [person name]. Your dues will be paid to you on [date].

Best wishes for your future endeavors.



[Your name]


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Sample Employee Grievance Letter

by emily on February 11, 2012

Heather Johnes


143, Red Hill Fort Road,


New Jersey, USA

Team Leader

Crystal Sales


Sandra Watford


569, Pershwick,


New Jersey, USA


Sub: Request to repair the ladies toilet

Dear Mrs. Sandra,

I am writing this letter to put a grievance request of all the female staff to repair the toilets in the women’s washroom on the ground floor. I have orally complained about this broken toilet couple of times but no action has been taken till now. I am forced to write a written complaint regarding the same now.

We are 25 women working on this floor, and there is only one toilet facility available here and thus we are forced to wait for long and lose most of our working time.

I request you to consider the problems we face due to limited bathroom space and I anticipate that repair works will be done without any further delay.

We are thankful to the company for all the support and facilities they have given till date. Your response is enthusiastically awaited.

Yours faithfully,

Heather Johnes

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Sample Intent For Employment Complaint Letters

by emily on January 20, 2012


Mr. /Ms ………………….

………………………… (Full Postal Address)

Dear Mr. /Ms ………………..

Sub:  Selection of ‘Manager Marketing’.

Ref:  Your application dated ………….

1. Position – You are appointed to the position of ‘………..’ (post here) in our company. In this capacity, you will report to….. (Name & designation). This is a permanent/term position, and the start date will be ….

As a … (post), your key responsibilities will be (describe role here)

2. Remuneration -Your base salary is $…? Annually, plus allowances if applicable.

3. Benefits & Pension – As a permanent/term employee, you will be eligible to participate in (company name)’s group benefit plans for employees. For complete list of employee plans, please contact the H.R department.

4. Vacation – You are entitled to …. (No.) of vacations per year. Please note that the practice of carry forward your leaves is not encouraged in this company.

5. Assessment Period – For the initial …. (No. of months) will be your probation period, the company has the right to terminate your services at anytime for whatever reasons.

6. Other terms & conditions – Please visit this link for other terms and conditions.

Confidentiality – During the tenure of your employment with (company name), you are entrusted with highly confidential and proprietary information. No information will be released or divulged, directly or indirectly by you.

Please review the contents of this offer carefully.  If you accept all the terms & conditions, please sign it and return it by due date.

(Official Name), I wish to express my sincere enthusiasm about your joining. I hope that you find the terms reasonable. You can feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.




I agree and accept all the terms & conditions of this employment offer on (date).

(New Employee Name)

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Sample Employee Complaint Letter

by emily on January 7, 2012


Steven Diaz

Finance Manager

ABC Company Limited



Mr. Richard Gere

Operations Manager

ABC Company Limited


7th January, 2012.

Ref: Poor Facilities

Dear Mr. Gere,

This is to notify you about the problem encountered by the employees because of unfavourable working conditions.

Our constant verbal complaints regarding the poor air conditioning units in our Department have not been addressed.

I am sure you can realize how this can affect the work productivity of the team.

I request you to kindly look into the problem immediately and take suitable action.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Steven Diaz

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Sample Sexual Harassment Policy Letter

by emily on February 29, 2012

Sexual Harassment Policy



The Company is dedicated to provide a work environment that ensures that each & every employee is treated with respect and dignity, and afforded equitable conduct.

The Company is commits to encourage a professional work atmosphere that is helpful for the professional growth of its staff, promotes equality of opportunity.

The Company will not bear any kind of harassment and, will take all required steps to make sure that employees are not subject to harassment.

The law assures employees the right to employment in a place of work that is free from harassment and prejudice.


This policy applies to all the employees who work for The Company that includes management, managerial employees, office staff and part-time staff. The Company will not tolerate sexual harassment whether it is by fellow employees, administrators, clients or contractors.

The workplace includes:

1.       all offices or other premises where business of The Company’s is conducted;

2.       all company-related activities performed at any other location away from The Company’s premises;

3.       any social, business or other functions where the behavior or remarks may have an affect on the place of work or workplace relations.


‘Sexual Harassment’ may refer to one or a sequence of incidents that involve unsolicited and unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other oral or physical manner of a sexual nature.

Sexual harassment at the workplace includes:

–          unwanted sexual advances (verbal, written or physical);

–          requests or demands for sexual favors;

–          any other form of sexually oriented conduct;

–          oral abuse or “jesting” that is sex oriented;


–          the behavior has the reason or the effect to interfere with the performance of an individual or creating an frightening, unreceptive, or unpleasant work environment; and/or

–          surrender to such behavior is either an open or understood term or, condition of employment; and/or

–          submission to or rejection of the behavior is used as a base for making employment decisions.


All staff members have a personal accountability to make sure that their conduct is not different to this policy.

All staff members are expectant to strengthen the continuation of a work environment free from sexual harassment.

The Managerial members are responsible for:

–          discouraging and stopping employment-related sexual harassment;

–          examining every official written complaint of sexual harassment;

–          taking proper corrective measures to react to any substantiated allegations of sexual harassment in the Company;

–          ensuring that all staff of The Company is aware of the sexual harassment problem and their responsibilities with respect to stopping sexual harassment.


The Company is committed to provide a helpful work environment to resolve sexual harassment worries.

Informal Resolution Options –

1.       When an incident of sexual harassment occurs, speak your condemnation and protest right away to the harasser and ask the harasser to stop.

2.       If the harassment continues or, if you are not able to deal with the harasser directly, bring your distress to the attention of the Office Manager.  The Company will take the necessary actions to investigate & resolve the matter.

Complaints –

1.       Any staff of The Company with a harassment concern, not happy with the resolution options may bring an official complaint to any of the senior managers. All such complaints will be investigated promptly.

2.       After investigating the matter, if it is confirmed that a harassment allegation is valid, suitable remedial actions will be taken.

3.       Corrective action may include any of the following:

Formal admission of guilt;


Written warning in the employee’s file;

Work assignment change;

Suspension or discharge of an employee

In addition to the authorization that may be imposed on an employee by The Company as a part of complaint resolution, staff of The Company, engaged in harassment may expose themselves to compensation in the event of a winning lawsuit or human rights case.


The Company understands that it is not easy to come forward with a sexual harassment complaint and recognizes the complainant’s interest by keeping the subject confidential.

To guard the interests of the accuser, the person complained against and any others reporting incidents of sexual harassment, privacy will be maintained throughout any investigatory procedure to the level feasible and suitable under the situation.

All records of complaints that include the meetings discussions, dialogues, investigations results, and other related material will be kept private by The Company, except for where revelation is required from disciplining or other remedial processes.


The Company is committed to ensure that no staff member who brings forward a harassment complaint is subject to any kind of reprisal.  Any retaliation action will be viewed as a disciplinable matter.

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Sample Employment Contract Letter

by emily on January 20, 2012

Ms. Nancy Peters

23, Park Street,

Dr. Elizabeth Rd.

Central London, England.


Dear Nancy,

I am writing on behalf of the ‘Robert & David Inc.’

We are offering you the position of ‘Office Assistant’ in our company. We have gone through your resume and your credentials and we are very satisfied with your skills and level of experience.

Your job profile will be handling general office tasks, handle the visitors in our office, attend calls and check emails daily.

We have mentioned our company terms & conditions in this job offer letter which you have to be agreed with –


(i) You, as our employee should never discuss any case outside the office, no matter what type of a case is.

(ii) You shall not seek help from any outside source to solve a problem of our office.

(iii) As per your qualification & experience, we have set your salary $40,000 annually.


If you have any questions regarding your employment in our company, you can feel free to contact us anytime.



Steve Adams


Robert & David Inc

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