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Acknowledgement of Customer Praise of Employee

by emily on June 9, 2012



Thank you for your kind letter regarding your exceptional treatment by one of our staff. A copy of your letter has been forwarded to the human resource division and will be included in the employee’s file as an appreciation.

So seldom is it that a client takes the time to write a letter of appreciation, that I feel moved to reward your initiative.

Please accept the enclosed certificate, which, when presented, will entitle the bearer to an additional ten percent discount on the merchandise being purchased at that time.

This is but a small token of our appreciation of clients such as you, upon whose satisfaction we have been allowed to grow and prosper in this highly competitive marketplace.

Once again, on behalf of our entire company, a heart-felt thank you from all of us.

 Acknowledgement of Customer Praise of Employee

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Request Refusal Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mr. Kim Thomson

Sr. Executive – Marketing

Garfield Advertising Services

10, Edward Street,
London – YH14 3KG

23 March, 2012


Dear Mr. Thomson,

We received you letter dated 15March, 2012 regarding your request for salary hike.

First of all, I would like to say that we do agree that you contributed successfully to this company in the last two years. And, your overall performance has been also satisfactory during this period.

However, this is not the right time to expect a raise in your salary.

At Garfield Advertising, we have a policy to observe an employee for three years continuously since their joining to monitor them in different aspects. We only appraise an employee after successfully completing three years with us.

So, this is not the appropriate time for your appraisal. I hope that you will respect our employee policy and will wait for another six months till you complete your tenure of three years with this company.

Needless to say again that I am aware of your performance which is really good so far, you will be also rewarded with handsome performance incentives and loyalty bonus for completing three years with us.



John Wright

Sr. Manager – Marketing

Garfield Advertising Services

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Sample Recommendation Letter for Promotion Letter

by emily on April 4, 2012

Derrick Penn
Manager – Sales
Myers & Myers Corp.

Dustin Cruz
H.R. Manager
Myers & Myers Corp.

April 07, 2012


Sub: – Promotion Recommendation – Accounts Officer

Dear Mr. Cruz,

As I discussed it with you last week, I am submitting my report for the promotion of Mr. Mr. Cecil Boyd in our company.

During his tenure as an ‘Accounts officer’ for five years with us, Cecil has always shown outstanding performance.

He has wide knowledge about corporate accounting and is trained with latest accounting methods. He is proficient in all the accounting procedures. He took initiative and came up with highly useful online accounting procedures that really benefited our company with huge cost savings.

Cecil has been rewarded as ‘Employee of the month’ many times last year. He is well qualified and is the most sought after employee in the department.

In my opinion, he deserves an appraisal at this time. He should be promoted to the position of ‘Accounts Manager’ as he is perfectly suitable for the position.

So, I request you to consider his promotion in light of his accomplishments in this company.


Derrick Penn
Manager – Sales
Myers & Myers Corp.

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Sample Encourage Suggestions From Employees Letter

by emily on February 27, 2012

Encourage Suggestions from Employees

 To          –      [Individual/Group Name]

 From      –      [Sender Name]

 Date       –      […..]


Subject   –      Employee Participation    


At [Company name], we all work hard to contribute to the success of this organization and achieve our goals. 

 As part of the [Company name] family, it is the duty of all of us to take initiative and make our business successful. There are many ways to contribute to the success of an organization.

 I am sure that many of us come across different experiences daily that may help generate new ideas & suggestions in our minds. Any new thought & suggestion can help our business grow.

 Any of you can suggest us new ways from managing our distribution channel more efficiently to increasing our margins, or anything related to employee welfare or, improving quality & productivity.

 So, I encourage all of you to share your ideas & suggestions with us open mindedly.  The best suggestions will be rewarded handsomely.

 I wait for your important inputs.



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Sample Announcement of Employee Award Letter

by emily on February 25, 2012

Announcement of Employee Award

To:                    [Recipient name

From:                [Your name

Date:                [……]


Subject:            [Employee Award Title]


I am very pleased to declare that [Employee name], [state employee position] in our Company, has won the award of [award title] this year

–          [ Describe why the employee won the award]

For instance, – [Employee name] procured the highest number of orders last year for our organization. He/she successfully made a new elite segment of clientele and got us orders of $[order amount] which is a great amount.

We sincerely appreciate his/her hard work & dedication to this organization. And, as a reward, we are giving him/her a [state prize].



[employee name].

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Sample Bonus Announcement Letter

by emily on December 20, 2011

September 11, 2011

Dear Employees,

With the festive season round the corner, I am pleased to announce a two months bonus salary for our employees. We believe that our employees should not face any financial crunch in this Christmas vacation and thus, you will be rewarded with the bonus in the next month.

All employees who have been serving the organization for more than 10 years shall be given a three months bonus salary and the rest of the employees will be subject to two months bonus salary. This bonus is being given to recognize your contribution and continued dedication towards the organization over these years.

We are hoping that our employees will continue working harder and strive for a better future for the organization.

Thank you,

Administrative Manager,

A T & T,

New York


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