Business Apology Letter


Managing Director
All in One Solutions

May 12, 2012
Dear Sir,
On behalf of (Hotel Tipton), kindly accept our sincere apologies for not being able to(provide you the high standard of hospitality which is the general norm of our hotel). We genuinely regret the inconvenience caused to you because of this.
As a gesture of good will, we request you to kindly accept a (free stay for two days).
I am sure you would pardon the mistake on our part this time and would continue your business association with us.
We reassure you of our co-operation and look forward to a more positive association with you in the future as well.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
Steve Smith

 Business Apology Letter

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Sample Father Apology Sorry Letters

Chandlier Phelps,

4563 323 Brook Avenue


5th May 2009

Dear Daddy,

I understand your worry for Joe and I am genuinely very sorry for letting him drink and drive till home. Actually, Joseph had arranged a birthday party yesterday for our sister Grace at the Hotel Sunset. I continuously kept an eye on him, and noticed that he had taken lot of alcohol, but he was calm and composed. I wanted to drive him back home, but then I thought it worry Grace and her mood would get off, so I went over him to ask if he is okay, and if he needs anything. That time he mentioned that he is distressed due to his work and he asked me to give him my jacket as he wanted to sleep. And I gave him my jacket, without realizing that keys of the car are there in the pocket

After sometime I went to check him, but I couldn’t find him anywhere, then I called several times on his cell phone, and after sometime he picked up and informed me that he went home as he didn’t wish to bother me any more. I know, I should have kept an eye on him and should have drove him home. Sorry for my irresponsible behaviour. I hope you would forgive me.

Your loving son,

Philips Phelps.

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Sample Business Apology Letter

Business Apology Letter


Managing Director
International Softwares
28th December, 2006.
Dear Sir,
This is in the reference to your stay at Hotel Sea View. I apologize for the treatment given to you. You are one of our esteemed and valuable customer. I would like to sincerely apologize for the trouble caused to you because of the inappropriate hospitality given to you.

I would again like you to invite to our Hotel for a free two days stay. Please accept and forgive us. I am sure you won’t regret your stay. Hope we continue the same relations as we earlier had.

We look forward to meeting you at the hotel again.
Thanking You,
Rajiv Singh

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Sample Stealing Apology letter

Apology letter for Stealing


Hotel Sun Set Point
18th December, 2006.
Dear Sir,

I honestly would like to apologize for the act I have performed on 15th December 2006. I should not have stolen money from the cash box.

I required money urgently and that time I couldn’t think of anything else. I know this is no excuse for this low act, and I from the bottom of my heart regret my immoral behavior. Instead I could have borrowed from you.

I genuinely feel shameful for my actions and would sincerely hope that you will forgive me. I reassure you that you shall never have any complaints from my side and I would be in my best and ethical behavior.
Thanking You,

Prakash Sharma

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