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Sample College application letter

by emily on December 27, 2011


Dean- Admissions

Global School of Languages,

Florida State University,


March 30, 2010

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am a Spanish graduate from your well-regarded university. I further wish to expand my learning knowledge here and therefore would also like to pursue a Master’s Degree from your university.

Please find the enclosed application form along with the copies of my mark sheets of my semester exams. Also copies certificates of participation in extra-curricular activities are enclosed. I am also including a letter of recommendation from my professors with it.

I would be grateful if I could be considered for any kind of financial assistance or scholarship which would help me immensely in the completion of the course. I sincerely thank you for your time and kind consideration. I will get in touch with you within a week to know the status of my application form.

Thanking you,


Jacqueline Adams


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Sample College Admission Letter

by emily on December 22, 2011


Catherine Jose
1411, Queens Ave
New Jersey


Mr. Russell Bush
Manhattan School of Business
New York

20 September, 2011.

Dear Mr. Russell,

I am Catherine Jose, a business graduate from the Canada University and would like to pursue my Masters in International Business from your eminent institution.

Enclosed is the copy of my grade sheets of high school and graduation. Also attached is the duly filled application form with other necessary documents. I do not have the funds to finance my education; therefore I will be applying for an application fee waiver and full financial support from the university to cover tuition and living expenses.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you,


Catherine Jose

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