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Sample Death Father Condolence Letter

by emily on January 11, 2012

Mr. Henry Richardson

36-D, Rose Mary Society

San Antonio, Texas -52418


July 10, 2012


Dear Henry,

This afternoon, when I got to know about your father, I was just shocked. I know at his age, the loss was not unexpected, but I still had a sense of disbelief as he was very good person. I am so sorry for your loss.

Your father was really a kind hearted man – he always helped the needy ones. I never met him personally, but people told me a lot about his kind nature and his philanthropical activities. I also read about his works in many magazines & newspapers.

It is not a loss to your family only, but to the whole society. I really wanted to attend his funeral, but I was outside the town.

Please accept hearty condolences of my whole family and please feel free to ask for anything you may need.

God may rest his Soul in peace!


With Regards,

Simon Pitt

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Sympathy Letter to Boss Letter

by emily on April 23, 2012

Mr. Andy Gilbert,

15, Stalk Lane, Pantaloon Street,





Respected Sir,

I am filled with remorse to know the sudden death of your grand father Mr. Wilson. I have been associated with your association since your grand father’s control and it was like a dream come true to work under him. He has always been an amazing person, an excellent entrepreneur and most importantly a very good human.

I know you were very close to him and I can understand your state of mind. I know no words or deeds can console you. It will be a tough job for you to manage the office without his guidance, just have faith in almighty; he will be always there to guide you and bless you. I will always be there for you and to help you regarding any matter. Feel free to let me know if there is any work for me. My deep condolences to you and your family.

May his soul rest in peace.

With love,

Mr. Thomson.

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Sympathy Letter For Loss Of Father Letter

by emily on April 23, 2012

Mrs. Claire McCarthy,

Accounts Manager,

Hayes Tax Auditors,


Walder Street, LA

Date: January 30, 2012

Dear friend,

Hello, how are you and kids doing? I am in great shock to hear the sudden death of your father few days back. I feel very sorry and I share this grief with you and my deepest condolences to you.  In fact, he has been a fatherly figure in my life and I cannot forget his love and affection whenever I came to your home.  Though I lost my father in my tender age, I could find solace of fatherly love from your father during those dream days. I know what you must be going through. My mother did not believe the news instantly.  Since she is bedridden with paralysis, she is not in a condition to move and come personally to console your family.

I know this loss is really not recoupable. I can understand the pain of losing the father and it is like losing the backbone of a person and a family also. I share once again my heartfelt condolences with you on this occasion and stand with you in the testing time.  Kindly do not forget to make it convenient to visit our place whenever you find time as a relief. I am here to share everything like your own brother and please do not hesitate to contact me in any type of help.

May god his soul rest in peace!

Thanking you

Yours truly,

John Whelming.

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Sample Grievance Response Letter

by emily on February 11, 2012

Mr. Isaac Willow


456, Hogsmede,


New Wales,



Dear Mr. Isaac,

I am writing this letter to express my grief and sorrow on hearing the sudden death of your father due to cardiac arrest. I felt really brokenhearted and I am still stunned to think about it. Last time when I met your father, he seemed to be fit and healthy.

I can understand your pain and condition that you must be going through. I wish I was there to look after you. Please accept my condolences. May God give you strength to face this situation! Your father was a strong man and a very good human being too. He had always treated me like his son.

Please take care of yourself and your family. Please feel free to contact me and let me know if you need any financial help.

May  Soul rest in peace!


Robert Greenwich

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Sample Death Condlnce Letter

by emily on January 11, 2012

From: Mr. Tom Hanks

212, Hampton Court

Remington Street

Sussex – 2D 52T

30th August, 2012

My dear Mickey,

My heart is grave while I am writing this letter to you after I came to know that your beloved father died on 26th August, 2012 due to Cardiac arrest.

I offer my deep condolences in this time of sorrow & grief in your family. I remember that your father would always talk to me for a while whenever I was at your home and then, he would give me some good advices. I will always miss him ahead.

May God rest his soul in his heavenly abode! This loss in your family is really irrecoverable, but try to have some strength to come out of the darkness.

With regards and wish you better times ahead.

Your friend in grief

Tom Hanks

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Sample Loss of Father In Law Congratulation Letters

by emily on January 11, 2012

Mrs. Sandra Garrison


St. John’s College of Economics

Abraham Dr,

Chicago, Illinois -52413


July 30, 2012



Dear Sandra,

It was really upsetting to know to know about this unfortunate incident – demise of your father-in-law. I know that you were very close to him since the beginning of your new married life. I feel that perhaps this was the right time of his heavenly abode.


We all will remember him for his good nature and kind heart. He was an intelligent and successful man. He had many achievements in his life, and he earned them all with honesty and this is why everybody respected him a lot. I find myself lucky to be known by him personally.


But, nothing can be done against this hard truth about his demise. Please accept my sincere condolences on behalf of my family, and I pray for your recovery from this pain. I will meet you very soon.


Hillary Atkinson

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Sample Thank You Condence Letter

by emily on January 11, 2012

Mr. Robert Gomes & Mrs. Shania Gomes

23, Stevens Block

Sky High Apartments

South Kensington

London – D4 2FA


Dear Robert & Mary,

I must say here that the sympathy card I received from both of you did a great healing to me during the past days.

Yes, I got so many condolence notes through e-mails & in person too, but yours was the only card that gave me warmth that really relieved me of some pain.

At such a sorrowful occasion, we all get over by obscurity & grief; it really takes some time to come out of it. Now, after 5 days after my father’s demise, I am feeling a lot better. It is not easy and will never be to forget loving memories of my father, but friends like you do their bit of healing and it really works. It’s a great feeling that I have such great friends and I thank God for that I had you in the times of sorrow.


Thanks for the healing you sent through your card.


Warm Regards,

Shirley Jones

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Sample Email Condolence Letter

by emily on January 11, 2012

From: ………………………………………

To: ……………………………….  (Email URL)

CC: ……………………………..

BCC: ……………………………

Subject: Condolence

I offer my hearty condolences on the sudden demise of your father on 28th January because of cardiac failure. I pray to God to give strength & courage to your family to bear the loss.

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Samlpe Sales Condolence Letter

by emily on January 11, 2012

From: George Harrison

Head of Sales Department,

Harrison and Co Inc,

Parker St, Alabama-35010

To: William Moore

2563, Ralph Pl

Alabama – 52416

June 10, 2012

Dear Mr. William,

Please accept our deepest condolences about your loss. I and your father knew each other for the past 10 years since he began a new business relationship with us.

The news of his sudden death brings a deep sense of grief & loss to me. I wish that you and your family come out of such sudden crisis soon.

I know that this is not the right time to talk about business, but there are some formalities that need to be completed very soon, otherwise it would affect our company’s business.

I would like to tell you that last month your father placed an order with us and we received the partial payment for the same, but the full payment is yet to be made and we also didn’t receive the final instructions for the order. We hope that your father’s sudden demise will not affect our business relationship.

Once again, I express my sympathy for your deceased father and pray for his soul. May God give strength to your family to get out of this crisis soon!

I hope that you will respond back to me very soon.

Thank you,


George Martin

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Sample Marketing Condolence Letter

by emily on January 11, 2012

From: Mark Williamson

Head of Marketing Department,

Sharp Minds Legal Solutions Inc,

New York-11701

To: Charles Lewis

835, Bay St., Albany,

New York-17031

June 10, 2012

Dear Sir,

We received this tragic news of huge loss & misery about your father, Henry Lewis. He was one of our most valued clients. We express our hearty condolences on his sudden death.


We understand that going through this sorrowful phase in your life must be very hard, but as we know your family since the past ten years and have knowledge about the different properties that belonged to your father, so it’s our sense of duty to inform you about everything and the required formalities needed to be completed for legal matters to avoid any future difficulties.

We want to help you to be proved as the real successor of your father’s inheritance post his death. We believe that you will contact us in the near future for the required legal formalities and paper work.

Once again, we express our condolences on your father’s sudden death and pray that you & your family come out of this tragic event soon.

Thanking You,


Mark Williamson

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