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Sample Medical aid appeal letter

by emily on December 26, 2011


Financial Aid Appeal Committee Members

Texas Charity Hospital

Dallas, TX 10556

September 30, 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,
I sincerely appeal for medical aid for my brother Andrew Allen, who is diagnosed with lung cancer. As submitted to you earlier, his reports indicate the urgency of the requirement.
I request you to kindly grant the requisite medical aid at the earliest and oblige
Thanking You.

Gregory Allen

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Sample Job Proposal Letter

by emily on April 3, 2012

Joan Smith


1239, South Plaza,

New York,


Dear Mr. Smith,

This letter is job Proposal from our company Larson& Co. Pvt. Ltd for the post of Sales Manager. We have got your reference from Ms. Laura Atkinson as she was your colleague in your previous company. We have a vacancy for the above mentioned job position for which we need to finalize an eligible candidate within a week.

Our company offers you the best package in our industry with incentives. Along with the best package we give a number of facilities in terms of health insurance, paid casual leave and medical benefits to our employees. If you are interested for this post, you can contact us to conduct a personal interview.

For any query, please contact us back on our e- mail id or call us on 234-564-8766.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Lena Hudson

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