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Sample Employer Support Of Immigration Application Letter

by emily on February 27, 2012

Employer Support of Immigration Application –

[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],


I am [name], [designation], [business name] writing in reference to the immigration application of Mr. [immigrating person’s name].

Mr. [last name] has been working in our company for the past [duration] as a [position].

I want to tell you that [person’s first name] is a very sincere and hardworking employee of our company. He is very reliable and trustworthy.

And, as far as we know, he/she has never been a financial burden to the state. He is a great professional with many praiseworthy qualities, we are certain that [person name] will be an asset to our country.

About his character, I would like to say that he is a very nice person and, always helpful to people. He has been involved in community services and, is of good conduct.

So, we proudly support the immigration application of Mr. [full name] in every possible way.You may contact me for any additional information.



[Your name]


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Sample Migration Announcement Letter

by emily on December 23, 2011


Mr. Frank Loretta

161/45, City Street



Ms. Rebecca Wordsworth

79-D, Hallway Drive


Dear Ms. Wordsworth

This is to announce that our family (my wife Stella and son Kevin) will be migrating soon to Rome. It saddens us that we would only have a short time to catch up as we will be leaving next month. This big decision of our family is in line with a new job opportunity that I could not let go.

I and Stella have arranged a small get together of friends and relatives here to say Good Bye in a nice way. I hope you shall be coming along with your wife and children. I could never have asked for anyone better than you for company when I moved here couple of years before.

Look forward for a memorable time with you.



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Sample Statement Letter

by emily on April 18, 2012

January 11, 2012

Thomson Dale,

Visa Executive Official

Visa Head Office

Milton, NY 10945.

Dear Mr. Dale,

I am writing this letter to you as a statement of migration from my native country Australia to the USA as a graduate student (international) of biotechnology in Florida International University.

My name is Donald Wilson and I am a citizen from Sydney, Australia. My passport number is AUS1234. By this letter I certify that during my stay in Florida, USA I shall dutifully obey and abide by all the rules and laws of the government of US. I shall also be held responsible completely for any kind of discrepancy in my documents and Visa. I shall also refrain from misusing the documents given to me by The Florida International University.

In case I fail to fulfill any of the above claims I shall be held responsible for any criminal proceedings against me as per laws. I shall not hold the university or anyone responsible for the same.

Thanking You,


Donald Wilson

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