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Sample Can We Be Still Friends Letter

by emily on March 14, 2012

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[Recipient Name & address here]

[Date here]

Dear [name],
I am writing in to tell you that I am missing you a lot these days. Now, I understand that how it feels to live apart from a loved one.

I just want to ask you that can we be friends again? I have not seen you since a long time.

You have been an important part of my life and, I cannot think of living without you. I don’t want to loose you.

I want you back in my life. Please call me and tell me how do you feel about our relationship now.

I wait for your call.

[Your name]

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Sample Best Friend Friendship Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Mary Carter

34, Queens Rd,

Aberdeen Ave.

New York, NY

July 20, 2012

Dear Mary,

Today, I am writing this letter for no special reason, but to tell you that how much I am missing you these days.

It is not easy to find such a great friend in today’s mean world. Everybody has their own motives if they come close to you, but you never used for me even for a single time.

It has been a long time since we met last time. We both are busy in our own worlds, earning money, taking care of our families and other important things.

I really want to meet you up this weekend. I want to rejoice our friendship. It is rare to find such caring friend like you have been to me. I can always rely on you and trust you.

I am going to pick you up from your home and then we will go to our favorite place.

Your friend


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Sample Friendship Day Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Prince Collins

25, St. Paul Ave,

Ladder St,

New Hampshire, New England

Dear friend Prince,

How are you?

I hope this letter finds you in good of your health.

Today, I have been missing you since the morning. It’s ‘International Friendship’ today. It’s a very special day and I wish you a very ‘Happy Friendship day’. We are miles apart from each other, but the distance can’t apart our feelings for each other.

I never forgot you and I will never forget you in the future. It is you who many good things in life. You changed my whole attitude towards life. I remember how you used to solve my problems in seconds, no matter how big or small it was.

I never found such amount of love, understanding, care and compassion like I found it in your friendship. It was always you among my friends who would stand up for me, in the times of good and bad.

Thank you so much for all you did for me.

On this great day, I am missing you and I want to see you and hug you.

Yours friend


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Sample Cute Friendship Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Ms. Helen Stewart

25, Merlin Housing Society

Roman Encl.

Detroit, Michigan


My Dearest friend,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and everyone in your family is well too.

Today, I am really missing you a lot and I just couldn’t help myself writing this second letter to you in just two weeks.

Last night, I was having dinner with some friends, and I missed you a lot. I still miss the moments we spent together in our lives during our college days.

Today, we live in different cities; we both have new friends now. But, you know, I never feel the same just I used to feel it with you.

You have been my best friend and you will always be in my life. You understood me clearly, the compassion I felt in your friendship was not found with any other person.

I miss your patience on my silly mistakes and the intelligent advices you would give me.


I can’t forget you and I know it well that you will also never forget me.



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Sample Holiday Complaint Letter

by emily on January 7, 2012


Mr. Sam Brown

General Manager

Rainbow Holiday Planners

New York

19th January, 2012.

Ref: European Holiday Tour

Dear Mr. Brown,

This is with reference to the European Holiday Tour we chose through your company.  The reference number of our transaction is TC456.  I am sorry to inform you that the holiday we planned could not match up to the promises made to us in the Brochure or the itinerary.

To begin with, the Tour Manager, Mr. Joseph Phelps himself was not well-versed with the Itinerary and kept missing schedules.  The accommodation arranged was also pathetic and we could not stay comfortably.  At the time of planning we were promised four-star accommodation in all the places, though we ended up being staying in hotels which were no better than budget hotels.

It is very saddening to know that a company of your reputation promises exotic holidays and fails to meet the promised standards.

I request you to kindly look into the matter and take suitable remedial action.

Yours sincerely,

Nancy Harris

Encl: Copy of Receipt of transaction

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Sample Dismissal Appeal letter

by emily on December 26, 2011

Mr. Kenneth Nelson

Vice President- Internal Affairs

Nelson and Company Pvt. Ltd


Dear Mr. Nelson,

I received your letter yesterday notifying me of my dismissal from work.  I am writing to you to appeal for your consideration on the matter of my dismissal.  I am fervently hoping that you will reconsider your decision based on my good performance in the company.

I recognize that I made a violation of the company’s work ethics by using the office photocopying machine for personal use without your permission.  However, I believe that dismissing me is too grave a punishment for the minimal violation.  This offense was committed due to a moment of bad judgment since I really needed to photocopy important documents at the time.

Kindly provide me a chance to prove my side and if possible, please cancel my dismissal order. Your understanding in this regard will be highly appreciable.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Lee

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