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Sample Notice of Overdue Discovery Responses Letter

by emily on March 7, 2012

[Your Name, & Address here]



[Recipient Name & address here]

[Date here]

Dear [name],


Sub – [write Case name]
Case No. [Case no.]


You were served [title of discovery documents] on [date].

The due date for your reaction to this discovery was [due date]. You did not request for any extension for responding to the discovery before this period.

Now, as the due date has gone, and I have not received a confirmed written response from you, I request you to please send me your response within [no. of days] days from the receipt of this letter in order avoid complications in this case.
Thank you for your attention, and cooperation regarding this matter.
[Your name]

Encl: [Enclosures List here]

Download Sample Notice of Overdue Discovery Responses Letter In Word Format

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Sample Third Overdue Notice Collection Letters

by emily on January 3, 2012

Sender’s address

D- South Society,

Garden Road,
6 January 2012
<Mention recipient’s address>

Dear <Recipient’s name>

This is to inform you that you have failed to pay your outstanding balance of <amount> due. I’m sure you do not want to spoil your credit record, but since you have failed to respond to our last two overdue notices, or to arrange any sort of payment schedule, we are forced to take actions<consequences of nonpayment>.

We regret having to take such actions. To avoid any inconvenience, please contact our office to arrange for a payment schedule immediately.

Warm Regards,

Sender’s name

encl: <mention list of enclosed items>

Download Sample Third Overdue Notice Collection Letters in Word

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Final Notice Before Legal Action

by emily on July 4, 2012


Date: _


To: _ (Customer)


This is the final notice being sent to you for the non-payment. We have repeatedly requested payment of $_, on your overdue account. Our demands for payment have been overlooked.

Accordingly, we shall turn this account over for collection within the next twelve days unless payment, or an acceptable proposal for payment is obtained.

Enforced collection on this obligation may result in additional legal or court costs to you and may give a bad impression to your credit rating.


Best Regards,



 Final Notice Before Legal Action

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Fifth Overdue Payment Reminder Notice of Credit Hold

by emily on July 3, 2012



This is for your information that your account has been referred to me with instructions that I make final demand for payment of this debt.

In as much as the outstanding balance amount is sizable, I have outlined a payment plan for you as a method to retire the entire balance over the next (number) months if you are unable to forward the full amount at this time.

Amount Due $_

Payment $ Monthly

Due Date _

This offer is being made to you as our expression of wanting to settle your account in a friendly manner.

If we do not receive your first payment by the date indicated above, we will be forced to refer your account to a collection agency. We do not wish to take such harsh action which might impair your credit rating and thus request that you give to this matter your most immediate attention.

Fifth Overdue Payment Reminder Notice of Credit Hold

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