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Sample Notify Employee of Poor Performance Request Improvement Letter

by emily on February 28, 2012

Notify Employee of Poor Performance, Request Improvement

To          –      [Employee Name]

From      –      [Sender Name]

Date       –      […..]


Subject   –      [State ‘POOR PERFORMANCE’ in brief as subject]


I am writing in reference to the report you prepared about [state subject of the report]. I am very disappointed.

–          [Describe here what the report lacks].

For instance – Your report does not seem to be based on facts. It is lacking a lot of important and useful information.

I don’t find you report to be a reliable source for making future decisions about our business.

So, I am sending it back to you to assess it again, and send me a new report by [deadline].

You may contact me regarding any questions or clarifications about the [report subject].

I hope you will send me an accurate and well presented report this time.

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Sample Scholarship Letter For Nursing Letter

by emily on April 17, 2012

January 20, 2012

The Principal,

St.Pious College,


Dear Sir,

With due regards, I submit that I was admitted into your esteemed nursing school in B.Sc (Nursing) and I am very much thankful for the gesture.  Further, I request you to kindly consider my candidature for the course-long scholarship so as to enable me to maintain myself and meet college expenses till the course is completed. Sir, I belong to a poor family and my father died in a road accident when I was six and my mother is feeding both her children by doing labors such as sewing and we are barely able to eke-out a hand-to-mouth existence.

I have been maintaining a consistently good academic record by securing more than 4.0 GPA since my schooling and I am sure that I can keep up the performance until my graduation is completed with your kind cooperation. Since your college is attached to St. Pious hospital, we are sure that we can get placement immediately on completion of our course with due sincerity and dedication. I fondly dream of sustaining my family with your consideration.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

Daisy Smith,

Roll No. 12345

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Sample Termination Employment Complaint Letters

by emily on January 20, 2012


Mr. /Ms …………………..

……………………. (Designation)

…………………….. (Dept)

Dear Mr. /Ms …………………

Sub: Termination Letter


We are sorry to inform you that your employment with (company name) is being terminated, effective from … (date).

The management was forced to take this action because of your continuous poor performance. You were not able to achieve the sales target. And, you were issued many written warnings for such performance problems. The main issues were – no sales, frequent leaves, excess absences, and tardiness etc.

Copies of the warnings, signed by you, are with us and, your signature on each and every single warning says that you knew everything and, you could improve if you wanted.

As stated in your final warning, you were required to improve your performance by . Your failure to do so has resulted in your termination


Even after repeated warnings, there was no acceptable improvement evident from your side. We told you to improve your work quality by …..(Date), but you failed.

The (company name) tried to support you in every possible way and it gave you so many chances to improve.


So, your employment is terminated, with effect from …..(Date). You are required to return any company property you may possess.



We wish you best of success in your future endeavors.


Yours sincerely,




Place: …………… Dated ……………

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