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Dissatisfied With Product Please Process Return Letter

by emily on April 20, 2012

Dissatisfied with Product: Please Process Return –

[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],


We have just received the consignment of [product name] for our order [order no.] dated [date].

Our company has been dealing with you for such a long period and we have always received quality products from you.

However, I regret to say that this time, we are not satisfied with the products you sent.

–          [Describe the reasons behind your disappointment with the shipment received] –

{For instance} –

The computers you have sent have very old version of the K-9 processor, and work very slowly, also the ram is insufficient for us, and if we opt for changing the processor & other items in all these machines on our own, it would cost a big amount of money and requires time. So, we have decided to return the shipment to you.

We have approached another supplier for our requirement, and they will deliver the machines within 2-3days with the same configuration we need.

Keeping our old relations in mind, I am confident that you will take back the shipment from us, and refund our payment made to you for these products.

We will be shipping back the products by [date], and you should receive the shipment by [date].

Please refund the amount at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your prompt attention into this matter. Look forward to do business with you in the future.




[Your name & Designation]


[Company name]

Encl: [Enclosures List here]

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Apology For Incorrect Payment Overpayment Letter

by emily on April 19, 2012

Apology for Incorrect Payment Overpayment –

[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],


During our last audit, we found that we have made a wrong payment to your firm through check no. [no. here] . This payment was for the settlement of the invoice no. [Invoice no.].

The total amount due was $[invoice amount], and the check amount was $[amount], we overpaid you $[overpaid amount].

So, we request you to please refund us the difference.

Thank you for your attention into this mater,

Look forward for a fruitful business relationship.




[Your name]

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Sample Landlord Reference Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012


Hugh Mathews
55, Munroe Residential Society
Arthur St, New York – 45125



Mrs. Rita Samson
254, West Ave
1st Crossing, Hill St
New York, NY – 45216

July 12, 2012


Dear Mrs. Samson,

This is to confirm that Mr. Finley is a tenant of 15, Munroe Residential Society, C-Block, Arthur St, New York.

Mr. Finley pays a rent of $500 every month for a two bedroom apartment. He has been living in this house for the past two years.

Kenny Finley and all his family members are very good. He pays his rent on time, except the month he lost his job.

Mr. Finley keeps the surroundings very clean and he always takes care of neighbor’s comfort – he never plays loud music and doesn’t do anything that disturbs anyone living close to his apartment. He has a pet, but ‘Tommy’, his dog has never created any problem for anyone residing in neighborhood.

We have received a one month notice from Mr. Finley about his plan to change house and, we will refund him his rent deposit when he leaves.

You can contact me for further information about Mr. Finley & his family.



Hugh Mathews

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Sample Notice of Rescission Letter

by emily on March 7, 2012

[Your Name, & Address here]



[Recipient Name & address here]

[Date here]

Dear [name],
This is to inform you that I am canceling the deal signed on [date of the deal] between [other party name] and myself.

This notice has been mailed to you on [date] that falls under the three days right of abolition period provided for under Federal Law.

– [State any optional request for refund of down payment].

[Your name]

Encl: [Enclosures List here]

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Sample Independant Contractor or Consultant Agreement Letter

by emily on March 6, 2012



This is an Agreement between [Contractor Name], SSN [no. here], the ‘Contractor’ and [Company name], a [state name] Corporation, located at [address here].

Effective Date 

This Agreement becomes effective when signed and executed by all parties.

Agreement Termination

This Agreement remains in force until [termination date], or until ended by any party upon [duration] of advance notice to the other party.

Responsibilities & Payment –
The Contractor agrees to carry out such duties at times in such manner as the Company may direct.

[Optional Particular Deliverables]

The Company agrees to pay the Contractor for work performed as follows:

[Payment terms]

The Contractor accepts that no federal or state withholdings or deduction will be acquired or paid by Company on (his/her) behalf, and agrees to be liable to report and pay for the same.

The Contractor accepts that as a free contractor <he/she> will not be qualified nor entitled to any of the benefits afforded regular workers, that includes but does not limit to unemployment cover, heath benefits, holiday, profit distribution and annuity plans.

Rights –
The Contractor hereby allocates to the Company all the rights of formation and possession of all materials, thoughts and other physical and indescribable assets produced by or resultant from the work done under the terms of this Agreement. Contractor recognizes that all such assets shall be the belongings of Company. All trademarks, patents, copyrights, and products that result from the work done under this Agreement shall similarly be the property of the Company only.

Novelty –

The Contractor justifies that the work performed and/or assets created under this Agreement are original that have not been created previously and are not in the public domain. Contractor additionally warrants that the work shall be free of any hindrances and that Contractor has complete rights to allot ownership of work to Company.

Trade Secrets

Any information that related to the plans of Company and its business, including but not limited to objects, plans and patron lists, are to be deemed trade secrets of Company. Contractor agrees to sign and bear by a non-disclosure agreement in regard to the use and privacy of this information. Infringement of the non-disclosure agreement shall result in direct termination of this Agreement.
Non Competition

During the time of this Agreement, Contractor agrees to not, directly or in any other way, participate in the progress, production or promotion of any produce which directly or indirectly rivals with Company’s existing or identified future products or business. Contractor agrees not to involve in activities which contend with Company’s business where such actions could call on Contractor to disclose or use any confidential information or business secrets that belong to Company.
General Provisions

If the work is not performed timely mentioned herein, or if the work does not meet the specifications or quality requirements as stated by Company, or if for any other violation of any condition of this Agreement by Contractor, Company may, at its choice and upon written notice to Contractor, either (a) end this Agreement and demand a refund of all amounts paid to Contractor (upon the disbursement of which all rights in the work shall be allocated to Contractor), or (b) keep the work in its then existing state and stop additional payments to Contractor hereunder. The preceding remedies are not limited and shall be in addition to such other rights and remedies as Company may have under the regulation or this Agreement.

In any deed or suit to implement any right or remedy under this Agreement or to understand any condition of this Agreement, the winning party shall be entitled to make recovery of its expenses that includes, but does not limit to attorney’s fees.

Any changes to this Agreement must be signed by all parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement.



Name: _____________________________________ Date: _____________

Title: _____________________________________

For [Company name]
Name: _____________________________________ Date: _____________

Title: _____________________________________

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Sample Overpaid Taxes Letter

by emily on February 10, 2012

St. Louise,



<Mention Recipient’s Address Here>

Dear <Recipient’s Name>,


For the tax year <year>, <I/we> have discovered that <I/we> overpaid <my/our> <federal/state> income tax. <I/We> paid <$amount>, while upon further calculation I should have only paid <$amount>. <I/we> believe this overpayment entitles <me/us> to a refund of the difference, <$amount>.

Please feel free to contact <me/us> if there are any questions about this overpayment or the specified refund. If there are no questions, please forward a refund check to <me/us> as soon as possible.
Thank you very for your time and consideration. Would be looking forward to your response at the earliest.


Warm Regards,

Bentley Thomas

Encl: <List of enclosed items goes here>

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Sample Student Farewell Letter

by emily on January 21, 2012

12th May 2012

Dear Students,

We would like to put up notice before you leave the school next week. We wish you a great future ahead and best wishes for your career aspirations. Before you leave, we would like you to make sure that you fulfill few more responsibilities.

Please make sure you clean your desk and lockers. And submit the keys to your class teacher. Clear all your dues and take back any refundable deposits held. For this you can meet the head accounts in the library tomorrow. Also, meet the postman and get your address changed to your home address for delivering mails.

At the end, we at this school wish each and every one of you good luck in your future endeavors.

Warm Regards

James Lay


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Sample Write Complaint Letter

by emily on January 7, 2012

Complaint Letters are written under those circumstances when you feel dissatisfied for buying a certain product or service. The purpose of writing such letters could be various like for a replacement of the product, refund for it or at times it could also be regarding changing policy. A complaint letter is considered as a better and an effective option as compared to an E-Mail or a phone call. However, to get the best results; following factors should be considered while writing a complaint letter:

The letter should start with your name, address, telephone numbers, email-address and your other communication details.
It’s always advisable such letter should be a type-written instead of hand-written. In cases if it is hand-written, make sure to keep it neat and clean.
Without beating around the bush, keep your complaint brief and to the point. Give as many details about your purchase/service.
State clearly what do you expect to be done and mention how long you are ready to wait till it is resolved.
Also please enclose as many documents as possible to support your grievance.
Avoid being rude and sarcastic with your language. Keep the tone of the language formal and objective.
Also, make sure to keep a copy of the letter for future reference with yourself.

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Sample Consumer Complaint Letter

by emily on January 7, 2012


Mr. Richard Gomez

Consumer Support

XYZ Company

New Hampton

9th January, 2012.

Ref: Defective Vacuum Cleaner

Dear Mr. Gomez,

I purchased Perfect Vacuum Cleaner from your company, receipt number 123456 on 8th January.  I am sad to inform you that the product does not match up to the claims made by your representative or the Product brochure.

I have been your customer for a long time and this is the first time that I have been so let down with any of your products.  I request you to refund my money within one week, as the Warranty Card clearly states that if I am unhappy with the product the money would be refunded to me.

I am enclosing copies of the Receipt and the Warranty Card for immediate action and anticipate the money to be refunded to me within the week.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Jessica Mira

Encl: 1. Copy of Receipt

2. Copy of Warranty Card

Download Sample Consumer Complaint Letter in Word


Sample Example Complaint Letter

by emily on January 7, 2012


Mary Scott,


32-Veronicca Street, New York


Mr. Daniel Thomas,

Customer Relationship Manager

Nice Company

New York

13th January, 2012.

Ref: Defective product number 378634

Dear Mr. Thomas,

This is in the reference to the product, receipt number 378634 purchased from your Company on 20th December.  I would like to inform you that the product has some cracks and my several verbal complaints to your personnel have yielded in no results.

Please replace the product with a new functioning product or else refund my money within one week.

I have never been let down by any of your products in the past and I look forward to your immediate action on this.

Please find the enclosed copy of the Receipt of the product purchased for your reference.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Nancy Andrews

Encl: Copy of Receipt

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