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Sample Adoption Reference Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012

Adoption Reference Letter

Adoption agencies and orphanages require an adoption reference letter from people who know the couple interested for adoption.

This reference letter states that a couple who wants to adopt a child has all the needed things in their home to raise a child efficiently. An adoption reference letter is a written form of prospective parent’s assessment, it supports their adoption application.


Sample Adoption Reference Letter 



Mother Superior,

New London Orphanage,
156, Connaught Square

London – W2 2LK

11th February, 2012


Dear Madam,

I am writing in reference to the child adoption application of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks.

I want to tell you that I spent about one week with this aspiring couple and, after a careful conclusion, I support their application.

The couple invited me to their home and I got to see all the arrangements they have made for the child to be adopted. I was told everything in detail regarding the activities and plans they are carrying out for their adoption. They have also selected a school for the child.

Further, the relationship of this couple is also stable; they are married for the past ten years with no issues and, that is a very positive thing for adoption. Their financial condition is sound too.

I am very much sure that the new child will get a great atmosphere in this family. The child will get everything necessary in this home for a secured future.

So, I highly support their adoption application. In future, if you need any additional information about Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, I am open for communication.



Arthur Luis

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Sample Adoption Recommendation Letter

by emily on April 4, 2012


Mr. Danny Taylor
Apt 15, Morgan Apts.,
Arlington St., New York – 45213

Mrs. Brenda Smith
Peter’s Orphanage
Hampstead St., New York – 45213

February 01, 2012


Dear Mrs. Smith,

This letter is in reference to the adoption application of Mr. &, Mrs. Rogers.

Mrs. Maggie Rogers is my daughter and I support this application very much.

Unfortunately, my daughter is not able to conceive and her inability to become a mother is eating her deep inside. She likes children a lot and she wants to have her own children, but medically it is not possible.

Now, the only hope remains is adoption.

I understand that you receive hundreds of applications from many aspiring couples for adopting a child from your orphanage, but you cannot just say ‘Yes’ to anyone coming to you for a child.

But, in this case, I can vouch for the capability of this couple as an adoptive parent.

Maggie, my daughter is a very caring person. She was the eldest among her siblings and she would take care of all their needs. I still remember that she should dress them up every morning for school and would prepare food for them in the absence of her mother. In fact, she enjoyed it all, taking care of brothers and sisters. She is true ‘care-taker’.

And for Jack Rogers, the husband of Maggie, I would say that he is a very good hearted person. He is intelligent and a successful professional. He is in good practice of advocacy.

Whenever he comes to my home, he enjoys playing with the children of my son, Charlie. He loves children too. Jack is a very social person and enjoys participating in community gatherings.

So, I confidently recommend Mr. &, Mrs. Rogers for the adoption. You can approve their application without any doubts for their capabilities to raise a child.

Should you need any other information, please feel free to contact me.


Danny Taylor

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