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sample business closure request letter

Sample Business Request Finance Letters

by emily on January 21, 2012

Mr. Harry Reeds


Hill Top Corp.

Anna Maria Ave.

Montgomery, Alabama
April 06, 2012

[Recipient Address]


I am the [title/position] of [company name]. We are mainly into [describe business here].

The main purpose of this letter is to request a consideration for a line of credit with your organization.


And, in order to make it easy for you, I am providing the following information –
Business License –    Number
Years in Business –   Since …
[Additional Info here]
Please also find enclosed letters of references from other creditors who have been helping us for years.
Thank you for your consideration of this request. You can contact us any time for any information.

Max Thomas

encl: [Enclosures]

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Sample Non disclosure Agreement Letter

by emily on December 22, 2011


BETWEEN: Sun Sourcing, Inc.

AND: SST Global Inc.

359, Daisy Ave, Phoenix, AZ, USA


Mr. Shane Samuels

Tel: 523-695-8963

RE: SST Global Inc.

(The “Company”)

Sun Sourcing, Inc. has requested for some information (the “Information”) that are associated with the Company, which the Company considers as confidential and valuable. As part of the terms and condition of the Company requesting the said information, Sun Sourcing, Inc. acknowledges that any oral or written information now and hereafter given to them that concerns the Company shall be considered confidential. In addition, the Company’s business and general operations could be affected if the acquired information would be leaked to third parties.

Sun Sourcing, Inc. agrees that the acquired information:

Shall be kept confidential from the time it was acquired; therefore, the information shall never be leaked or disclosed to parties not mentioned in this non-disclosure agreement. In case the law requires the information to be disclosed, there shall be a prior approval from the Company.

Shall not be considered part of public knowledge making it not accessible to the public; hence, the need for a non-disclosure agreement.

It is therefore agreed and understood that in the event that the agreement is breached, the Company shall be given equitable relief. This is in addition to any other remedies that could be given.

Acceptance of this non-disclosure agreement by Sun Sourcing, Inc and the Company, and the terms and conditions mentioned above shall be evidence by the countersigning of this agreement, and returning one of the copies to the parties involved.

Dated City of Phoenix in Arizona this 1st of September, 2011.

SST Global Inc.



Sun Sourcing, Inc.


Mr. Shane Samuels

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