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sample donation letter for christmas

Sample Christmas Donation Letter

by emily on January 3, 2012

Ms. Nancy Harris


M/s Femina Groups

December 19, 2012

Mr. Jill Jones


M/s Femina Groups

Dear Mr. Jones,

Christmas Greetings!

I am writing to you because I want to donate 100 reference books in Science and Computer Science to the school library this December. This Christmas I want to donate few books as celebrating the spirit of giving this Christmas and also by this I can thank the school for giving the citizens of this country quality and accessible education.

I am a graduate of this school and I can say that I learned a lot from the institution. The few years I spent as a student here were wonderful years and full of learning experiences and I always remember them. I realized that the school had prepared me really well to face the challenges in the real world after I finally landed a job after graduation.

Merry Christmas to all!

Yours Faithfully,

Ms. Nancy Harris

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Sample Mission Trip Fund Raising Fundraising Letter

by emily on January 27, 2012

Mrs. Julia Edger

House No 45, Daisy St.

Lismore, New South Wales – 2334

August 20, 2012

Dear Mrs. Edger,

I am Max Thomson, writing on behalf of the ‘Happy Kids’ society. Our group is working for the poor and needy children.

Our society works for the orphan children and take care of their basic needs. We run different programs for the orphan Christian children.

Presently, we are planning to conduct a trip for these children to the St. Steve Church, Tucson, on the Christmas Eve. We want to bring a smile on the faces of these underprivileged children.

We are approaching you for donation to organize this trip for these children.

You can contact us at our number – 451-457-74558 and ask any questions you may have regarding our group and its activities.


Thanks & Regards,

Max Thomson


Happy Kids Foundation

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Sample Church Fundraising Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Mr. Mark Robinson


Myers & Hudson Inc.

557, Roman Ave,

Lewistown, Montana – 45263

April 19, 2012


Dear Mr. Robinson,

This is Jack Morgan, writing this letter on behalf of the ‘New Testament’ church. This new church is under construction and we are running short of funds to complete this church.

I have also attached a devotee list along with this letter; the list contains the names of people who have showed their help for this holy building.

This church is under construction since the last two years, and now the Christmas is about to come and the ‘New Testament’ Church wants to complete it before the festival anyhow.

We are seeking donations from all the people living in this community to help complete this church. We request you to please help this religious cause and donate an amount as per your wish.

We will organize a prayer assembly for all disciples after the construction of the church.

We can also send in our volunteer to your residence or office to collect the donation. You can contact me at my number   – 515-451-4587.

I look forward for your positive response.


Thanks & Regards,

Jack Morgan


New Testament Committee

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