Sample Fundraising Donation Letter

Mr. Billy Fisher,

Manager – Operations

Insight General Insurance Inc.

Carlisle, MA – 15741


March 8, 2012


Dear Mr. Fisher,

I am writing this letter as a representative of the ‘Open Sky’ N.G.O. We work for the underprivileged children. We provide food, shelter, clothes and take care of the education of these children. Our foundation relies on the donations that we receive from different sources.

We hold many events and activities round the year so that we can keep help the children in the future continuously.

The purpose of this letter is to seek donation from you. It’s only people like you who have made it possible for us to do something about the poor and needy children.

We request you to donate some amount for the betterment of the children we work for. The amount you donate to our group ensures the safety and care of the poor children.

Our foundation organizes many types of events on state level to collect funds to support our causes. Every penny donated by people like you goes to the benefit of needy children. Your donation is utilized to provide better living conditions and good education to children.

Please note that all our donors get tax deductible receipts for their help.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward for your help. You can contact us at – 689-546-8985 for any kind of queries.

Thanks & Regards,

Kevin Henderson


Open Sky Trust

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Sample Forganization Fundraising Letter

Mr. Charlie Brown

41, West St, Nr.Choice Dept. Store,

Riverside, C.A. – 526893



Ours is an organization known as the ‘Volunteers for the Future’, involving only the student community. This group of students wants to help our country and do every possible thing that we can do.

We aim to resolve all the problems in our society. We work in the slums for the problems like cleanliness, medical care and also education for the underprivileged.

We are a non-profit organization and thus, we rely only on donations that we receive from businesses.

Presently, we are thinking of organizing an event for spreading health awareness among the poor people living in slums. There are many factors that make these people prone to different diseases and we aim to do something about it.

We are seeking help form your side, be it monetary or in any other form. You can rest assured that you are donating to the right trust and we will put your help to good use in the society.


Thank you for your attention and we look forward for your positive reply.



Amy Grace



Volunteers for the Future

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Sample Fire Department Fundraising Letter

Residents of Abraham’s Residential Society

Garden Dr., Mild Lake City, C.A. -45236

May 4, 2012


Dear Friends of Abraham’s Residential Society,


The volunteers of ‘High Alert Fire Brigade’ work hard for the well-being of people of this community. We attend around 50 calls a day and always act on time. We have been serving this community for around 10 years.

Our firefighting equipments need maintenance and repair on a regular basis. We meet our requirements by grants. But, last year, our group has incurred a debt as we needed the money for hardware and maintenance and we didn’t get any help.

We are appealing the residents of this community to donate to our group. We request you all to think about our group and extend your support so that we can serve you better in the future.

You can send in your donations in the form of cash or check. Checks can be made in favor of our group’s name.

We are also organizing a fair in the community hall as a get together for the community people and raise funds. We cordially invite all the residents and hope that you will all participate in the event and extend your support and enable us to serve you better in the future.


Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Smith


High Alert Fire Brigade

Abraham’s Residential Society

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Sample Conference Fundraising Letter

Mr. Robert Nero

Apt 67, Della’s Residency

Park Town,

Tucson, Arizona-52634


Dear Mr. Nero,

We are going to hold the yearly ‘National Summit on Science & Technology Advancement’ on the coming 20th of March at the city hall.

This summit is a great platform for students, teachers & other professionals attached to this field to get together and share their knowledge about current trends and new developments.

This event will help new talents develop and contribute for the society.

The sponsors of this event are non-profit organizations, so we need to raise funds to finance this event. So, we are approaching individuals like you to extend your support in the form of any amount for this social cause.

We hope that you will send your help through donations to us.

Thanks for your attention and we look forward for your help.



Sheila Thomson

(Asst. Manager)

Council for Science Developments

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Sample Church Fundraising Letter

Mr. Mark Robinson


Myers & Hudson Inc.

557, Roman Ave,

Lewistown, Montana – 45263

April 19, 2012


Dear Mr. Robinson,

This is Jack Morgan, writing this letter on behalf of the ‘New Testament’ church. This new church is under construction and we are running short of funds to complete this church.

I have also attached a devotee list along with this letter; the list contains the names of people who have showed their help for this holy building.

This church is under construction since the last two years, and now the Christmas is about to come and the ‘New Testament’ Church wants to complete it before the festival anyhow.

We are seeking donations from all the people living in this community to help complete this church. We request you to please help this religious cause and donate an amount as per your wish.

We will organize a prayer assembly for all disciples after the construction of the church.

We can also send in our volunteer to your residence or office to collect the donation. You can contact me at my number   – 515-451-4587.

I look forward for your positive response.


Thanks & Regards,

Jack Morgan


New Testament Committee

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