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Retirement Notification Letter

by emily on April 11, 2012

Mr. Bruce Watson

Director- Administration Department

Best Equipment Inc.

Dear Mr. Bruce,

I here by confirm your notification of retirement and reliving you from the post of Director- Administration Department from Best Equipment Inc. on January 25, 2012. I hope you have had a great tenure with our company.

I truly appreciate your valuable contribution and dedication towards Best Equipment Inc. You have always fulfilled your responsibilities as boss and done duties as employee for the corporation. Management has always noticed and appreciated your punctuality and sincerity towards company rules. Your strong observations in your department, have achieved a mile stone.

I have issued a notice to personnel department to prepare your documentation. You will get all your funds and dues cleared from account department a day before your official farewell.

Wish you good health and all the best for your near future.


James Lay


Best Equipment Inc.

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Sample Notify Employee of Appreciation for Dedication and Extra Curricular Involvement Letter

by emily on March 1, 2012

Appreciate Employee for Dedication and Extra-Curricular Involvement

Message –

To:                    [Employee Name]

From:                [Sender]

Date:                [….]


Subject:            [Mention appreciation subject here]


This is just a short note to tell you that how invaluable you have been to our company over these years.

You have always been involved in all the company events and contributed a lot to the success of this organization. You have been a real inspiration for the whole staff of this company.

We have noted your dedication, sincerity and loyalty to this organization. All your contributions will add to your annual employee assessment.

Thanks again.

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Sample Notify Employee of Excellent Report Effort Noted Letter

by emily on February 27, 2012

Notify Employee of Excellent Report, Effort Noted –


To:                    [Employee name

From:                [Your name]

Date:                […….]


Subject:            [Excellent Work]


This is just a quick note to express thankfulness to you for the report you made on [state the subject report made on].

I have gone through the complete report, and I would say that it is very explanatory, thoroughly investigative and well presented.

It will help me greatly to – [State here the usefulness of report or, benefits this report can provide for the company]

We have noted your hard work and dedication duly.

Thanks again.

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Sample Announcement of Employee Award Letter

by emily on February 25, 2012

Announcement of Employee Award

To:                    [Recipient name

From:                [Your name

Date:                [……]


Subject:            [Employee Award Title]


I am very pleased to declare that [Employee name], [state employee position] in our Company, has won the award of [award title] this year

–          [ Describe why the employee won the award]

For instance, – [Employee name] procured the highest number of orders last year for our organization. He/she successfully made a new elite segment of clientele and got us orders of $[order amount] which is a great amount.

We sincerely appreciate his/her hard work & dedication to this organization. And, as a reward, we are giving him/her a [state prize].



[employee name].

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Sample Employee Appreciation Letter

by emily on February 8, 2012

Mr. Adam Homes

Manager- Marketing Department

Holy Cross Services Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Homes,

I am writing you this letter on behalf of marketing department to express appreciation on your valuable contribution in the growth of Holy Cross Services Pvt. Ltd. With your intelligence and effective role; you have driven our Marketing Department to new heights and have set an example for other employees as well. Thank you so much for your efforts.

The day I joined this company as Senior Manager- Marketing Department, I was very new in this environment, but your kind and timely support and friendly behaviour helped me a ton to understand work flow. You have trained all our new employees with dedication. Today, our department has become number 1 within the organization and has achieved unbelievable targets with your endeavour.

Keep it up with your outstanding performance. I am wishing you all the best for future years in this organization.

Thanks & Regards,

Jhon Mark

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Sample Recognition Congratulations Letter

by emily on January 6, 2012

Ms. Kristen Stewart



August 11, 2012

Mr. Rock White

Blackpool, UK

Dear Mr. White,

I came to know that you’ll be awarded as the ‘Employee of the Year’ this year and I would like to express my congratulations to you. As a former team leader and co-worker, I know how much you deserve this award.

I remember the hard work and sincere efforts you always put in each and every task assigned to you.  You have always finished and submitted your work on time and you always made sure to promptly submit your reports before the due date. I never experienced any problem when I was your team leader.  Your good work ethics and attitude towards work lifts up my spirit and motivates everyone to work hard as well. You are an asset to the company and it is recommendable to recognize you for your dedication and hard work.

Congratulations again and may you achieve more success in your career.

Yours Faithfully,

Ms. Kristen Stewart

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Sample Business Success Congratulations Letter

by emily on January 6, 2012

Erica Gomez

563, Amityville,

New York 11701

June 25, 2012

563, Atlantic Beach,


Dear Rolando,

Yesterday I read the newspaper article published featuring your business as one fastest growing business in South Florida. I offer you my warmest congratulations on the success of your business!

Truly, being in the business for thirty years is evidence to the quality of your products and the resilience of your staff and employees.  You have efficiently learned the tricks of the trade as well as mastered your own techniques to prevail over the financial downturns experienced by the business sector in the past.  This demonstrates the dedication that everyone in your company has. You are very praiseworthy of this development in your business, knowing how much you work hard.  I know you will reap more triumph in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Erica Gomez

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Sample Christmas Boss Letter

by emily on January 3, 2012

23rd December 2012,

Richard Jhonson,

ABC Bank,


123 Lane, Area 456,




State, Pin Code

Dear Sir,

I would like to extend my warm wishes on this Christmas to you and your family. We all know that this year has been roller coaster ride for our company but because of your dedication and sincere efforts we have faced all the problems and over came it. On this special day I wish a successful year ahead to our company. You have always shared with us the success of the company and that really touched each and every employee’s heart. We thank you for that and for every gesture of yours.

You have explained us the true and the wonderful meaning of Christmas. We wish you all success in life and prosperity of the company. Accept my warm greetings. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family!

Yours truly,


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Sample Vendor Appreciation Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011

May 22, 2010

Mr. Robert Green

Innovation Technologies Ltd.

West Dakota, IL

Dear Mr. Green,

We are delighted to inform you that we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our company on 23 May 2010 and you must be aware that our company has risen to be the number one among all the BPO service providers.  We could achieve this due to vendors like you.

We respect your approach in which you undertook projects from us and returned us with quality output every time.  You and your workforce have been very helpful in times of crisis also, working even for long 12 hours also at the time of need.  Your dedication to perfection has been a good motivating to us.

We are holding a party for celebrating our success in this 10th year and would like to cordially invite you to express our good will and be a part of the celebration on 23rd May positively. Also, we would like to request all your employees to be a part too as a gesture of our love and appreciation.

Looking forward to meeting you all in the evening.

Thanking You,

Yours truly,

Andrews Kay

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Sample Bonus Announcement Letter

by emily on December 23, 2011

September 22, 2011

Dear Employees,

We are pleased to announce that the company has registered unprecedented growth rate and the net profit earned in this quarter was far beyond the expectation. Hence with our policy of sharing the success with every employee we announce a bonus package of 5% on the current salary taken by the concerned. The amount will be paid in the salary of this month.

This is the result of your contribution towards the organization over the years of ten years through your dedicative services to our business. The employees who are working with the organization for more than 10 years will be paid 3 months bonus salary and rest of the employees will be subject to two months bonus salary.

Your hard work and dedication which can be seen through the success of organization have compelled us to announce such bonus package for our honest employees. We are hoping that our employees will continue this way of working in near future as well.

Thank you.


Administrative Manager

Bloom Media Inc,

Columbus, Ohio


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