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Sample Fundraiser for Political Candidate Letter

by emily on February 10, 2012



<Mention Recipient’s Address Here>

Dear <Recipient’s Name>,


As you probably are aware, <candidate name> is running for <office>. But running a political campaign is costly, and we depend on the financial help of loyal supporters like you to keep moving toward victory.

That’s why I’d like to ask you to give a small amount to the candidacy of <candidate name>. Your money will help <uses for the money>. By becoming a supporter, you can become an even more important part of the political process.

Please check one of the boxes below to indicate how much you’d like to give, or fill in your own amount. Then return this letter and your donation check in the enclosed envelope. You’ll receive <response a donor will receive> for your generosity.

I would like to give:

$25____ $50____ $100____ $200____ Other amount $_____

Thank you for your support of <candidate name>!

Warm Regards,

Encl: <List of enclosed items goes here>

Bentley Thomas

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Sample Political Fundraising Letter

by emily on January 27, 2012

Ms. Susan Evans,

45, Tri-Arch Residency,

Monk Ave.

Sunnyvale, C.A. – 41256


January 10, 2012


Dear Ms. Susan Evans,

With reference of Mr. Richard, Spokesman, Tampa People’s Party, I am writing this letter regarding the fundraising program of the group.

Please find an attached receipt along with this letter – you can mail it back to us with your account number.

As the upcoming elections are very close and we need to make arrangements for different events, we are approaching you for donations. You are an old friend of Mr. Richard, so we look ahead to a good help from your side.

Please accept our invitation for a small gathering at our office.

One of our party workers will be in touch with you regarding the donation. We request you to please confirm your participation as well.

In case of any kind of inquiry, you can reach us at our direct hotline 693-256-7452.


Thanks & Regards,

Harry Logan

(Sr. Coordinator)

Tampa People’s Party

Tampa, Florida

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