Sample Rejection of Application Following Interview Position Filled By More Qualified Applicant Letter

Rejection of Application Following Interview: Position Filled By More Qualified Applicant –

[Name, Company Name & Address here]



Dear [name],


It was a pleasing experience to meet you on [Date], and I thank you for your time.I really praise your accomplishments, and the abilities and skills you possess. However, I want to tell you that there was tough competition for the position you applied for. We received hundreds of applications from talented people.

The position you applied for has been filled up by an applicant with [State here the abilities & skills of the hired applicant]. E.g. – He/she has more experience and has great knowledge about the field.

Nonetheless, we have your resume in our database for future reference. In future, if a suitable position arises, we will definitely contact you.

I thank you for your interest in our organization, and I wish you the best for your future endeavors.



[Your name]


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Sample Employment Training Letter

Mr. Patrick Bolton


12, Main St,

Edmond’s Pl,

London – AD7 4QP,


Dear Mr. Patrick Bolton,


Our company ‘High Target IT Services’, has decided to select you for the post of Sr. Software Programmer for which you gave an interview on the last Friday.

We have assessed your knowledge and your job related skills, we are sure that you have the capabilities we have been looking for in a candidate for this position in our company.

The kind of technical education and experience level you have shown in your resume makes you the right choice for this position.

You are required to join us on August 20, 2012. You need to fill in the form and accept the terms & conditions of this employment offers and return the filled form to us within 7 days from the receipt of this letter.

Our company will also organize an “academic training” for all the new joiners.

We have set your salary to $35,000 annually which is reasonable according to your qualification & experience.


If you have any kind of queries, you can contact us at anytime.


Melinda Sanders

High Target IT Services


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