Sales Resignation Letter


Mr. Chad Holmes

General Manager
Care Hire New York

New York, NY-45263

June 15, 2012


Dear Mr. Holmes,

I am writing in to inform you that I am officially resigning from my post of ‘Sr. Salesman’ in ‘Car Hire New York’.

I want to comply with the company’s rules regarding resignation and thus, I am serving a notice period of three weeks. So, I will be working till July 06, 2012.

Actually, now I want to shift to Los Angels and live with my family again. So, I am resigning from this company.

During my notice period, I will handle over the details of possible sales I am following up to my colleague Mr. Paul Hudson.

Post my resignation; you can contact me through my email – for any kind of information regarding official work.


I request you to inform me of any required paperwork regarding my resignation.

Wish you the very best in the future.


Sincerely Yours,

Terry Runner
(Sr. Salesman)

Care Hire New York

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Resignation Letter with Complaint Letter


Mr. John Anderson

The Director,
Simon & Jerry Sales Corp.

Buffalo, NY – 12563

March 20, 2012.


Dear Mr. Anderson,

This is in regard to my resignation from the post of Executive Secretary in ‘Simon & Jerry Sales Corp’.

I would like to inform you that because of the unjustifiable harassment of the Branch Manager, Mr. David Hamilton, I am forced to resign from my position.

In the past, I made many complaints to the senior authorities, but nothing was ever done regarding this mater. Now, I am unable to work under these circumstances and hence, I resign from this company.

I request you for ensuring that my dues are clear and I am relieved by the end of my notice period. I will work for another two weeks as a mandatory rule for employee resignation.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Yours Sincerely,

Ann Warren
(Executive Secretary)

Simon & Jerry Sales Corp.

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Volunteers Request Letter


Mr. Lynn Thayer

Sports Coach

Ruskins University of Arts

Queen Sylvia Rd.

Derby – DD10 3KG

4th April ’12.


Dear Mr. Thayer,

I am Jesse Madrid, representing ‘People’s Trust’, Derby.

Our foundation works for many types of social causes and we are working for the past ten years for now.

Presently, we are planning to run a campaign regarding health education for less educated housewives all over Derby.

With this campaign, we aim to spread awareness among these women about health care and general medical issues. We want to make this campaign truly successful, reaching out more & more women for their advantage.

The objective of our initiative can only be achieved with the help of a large number of volunteers. We need many volunteers to help & support us for this cause. We need people who can dedicate at least ten hours in a week for the next four months.

So, I request you to please appeal to your college students for this cause and extend your support to our community women. We would be really grateful to you & your students for this support.

Thank for your attention, and we look forward for your support for this campaign.


Jesse Madrid,



People’s trust

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Transcript Request Letter


Mr. Will Stevens

The Registrar,

Churchill Arts College

34, Peterson Lane,

London – SW13 5LJ

13th June, 2012.


Dear Mr. Stevens,

I am Shane Hawks, enclosing a fee of £100 for my transcripts.

I was a student of your college for the session of 2008-2011. I received my original passing certificates last year. Now, I need the transcripts.

So, please issue me the transcripts at your earliest convenience.

My roll no. is – 4526, passing year – 2011, B.A. degree course.

My birth date is – 17th July, 1990.

You can send the documents to this address –


Ms. Shane Hawks

106, Marie’s Residential Society

5th Lane, Gomes Place,

London- SE14 5JF


Thanks you for your help. Look forward for the transcripts.




Shane Hawks

Ph. 254-785-4521

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Survey Letter


Mr. Matt Looney

Apt 24, Sky Heights Apts.

125, Lord St., Birmingham – B14 5KH

14th June, ’12.


Dear Mr. Looney,

I am Anna Smith, writing on behalf of the ‘Smart Home Products Services’.

Presently, our company is conducting a short survey regarding the usage of different home products in households in the city of Birmingham.

I request you to kindly spend few minutes of your precious time to fill and complete this survey. Your participation in this survey would help us greatly understanding consumer trends in the current time and thus, improving our future products to serve you better.

Please find the enclosed survey form and return postage along with this letter.


Thanking You,


Anna Smith (Manager)

Smart Home Products Services

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