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Sample Thank You For Hospitality Letter

by emily on March 20, 2012

[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],

We thank you for the great hospitality you extended to us on [date], when we came for dinner the other day.

It was really a great pleasure to get acquainted with you people. You both are very interesting and friendly. You are the first one that we have got familiar with here.

I must say that having colleagues like you will be a great advantage for me in this organization.

We plan to invite you to our house sometime in the future.

Thanks again for the welcome dinner for us.


Best regards,


[Your name]

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Interview Thank you Letter

by emily on April 26, 2012


(Mr. John Whelming)
(Managing Director)
(Pearl Hotel)

(February 8, 2012)
Dear (Mr. Whelming),

I would like to thank you for the time and effort you have taken to interview me for the post of (Front Desk Manager).

I would like to thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to put forward my views on various aspects of the (hospitality industry) and also for patiently listening to my aims and goals in life.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanking You,

Yours truly,
(Arnold Shaw)

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New Salesman Follow Up Letter After First Meeting

by emily on July 20, 2012



Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet with you and members of your staff.

I know that (ex-salesman) serviced your account for many years and made many good friends at your firm. While his presence will be missed, I can promise that you will continue to receive the fine service that has always been afforded by (firm)

The hospitality you showed me yesterday explains why (ex-salesman) held your organization is such high regard. Looking forward to work with the well reputed company.

New Salesman Follow Up Letter After First Meeting


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Business Apology Letter

by emily on June 2, 2012


Managing Director
All in One Solutions

May 12, 2012
Dear Sir,
On behalf of (Hotel Tipton), kindly accept our sincere apologies for not being able to(provide you the high standard of hospitality which is the general norm of our hotel). We genuinely regret the inconvenience caused to you because of this.
As a gesture of good will, we request you to kindly accept a (free stay for two days).
I am sure you would pardon the mistake on our part this time and would continue your business association with us.
We reassure you of our co-operation and look forward to a more positive association with you in the future as well.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
Steve Smith

 Business Apology Letter

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Sample Airlines Complaint Letter

by emily on January 7, 2012


The Director,

Customer Relations

Cincinnati International Airport

Cincinnati Airlines

Subject: Letter of complaint against the ill behavior of staff

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice of the poor hospitality rendered by your airlines. Your airline holds a reputed name globally and you take pride in your staff services, but unfortunately your staff misbehaved at the Cincinnati International Airport. I am a frequent flyer with your airline; it was to my utter disappointment to receive such an unwelcoming response from your personnel.

Last week I was supposed to board your Cincinnati-New York evening flight. Due to unavoidable circumstances, I got late in reporting at your reception counter. I respect your rules and apologized for failing to adhere to the same. Rest apart, the response I received from the lady at the counter was too cold, which I did not expect at all.

It would not be appreciating at my end to report her name, but I would expect an appropriate against this kind of behavior with your clients.


Best regards,

Rolando Mora

Sample Airlines Complaint Letter in Word

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Sample Business Apology Letter

by emily on December 24, 2011

Business Apology Letter


Managing Director
International Softwares
28th December, 2006.
Dear Sir,
This is in the reference to your stay at Hotel Sea View. I apologize for the treatment given to you. You are one of our esteemed and valuable customer. I would like to sincerely apologize for the trouble caused to you because of the inappropriate hospitality given to you.

I would again like you to invite to our Hotel for a free two days stay. Please accept and forgive us. I am sure you won’t regret your stay. Hope we continue the same relations as we earlier had.

We look forward to meeting you at the hotel again.
Thanking You,
Rajiv Singh

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