Sample Thank You For Overseeing My Workload During My Vacation Letter

Thank You for Overseeing My Workload during My Vacation –


[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],


This is just a short ‘thank you’ note for everything you did while I was absent.

It was a great help from your side for completing my assignments when I was on vacation. I know it well that you already had your own huge workload, but still you managed to complete my work too. You didn’t have enough time for your family last week because of this extra workload.

I am really thankful for your help. I would be happy to help you in return when you need sometime off from work for your family or anything personal in future.

Thank you!



[Your name]

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Sample Staff Vacation Policy Letter

Staff Vacation Policy

Holiday Policy –

All full time employees of this organization are entitled to five (5) days of paid holidays for each employment term.

Here, the ‘term’ refers to the time that is equivalent to –

(i) six (6) months in a condition when an employee is in less than two (2) employment years;

(ii) four (4) months in a condition when an employee has two (2) years to six (6) years of employment; and

(iii) three (3) months in a condition when an employee is in employment over six (6) years

The holidays are followed on a calendar year basis.

The holiday privilege must be taken by the employee within twelve (12) months of the year end in which it was earned, failure to which will result in lapse. All holiday requests must be accepted by the management in advance.

While we will try our best to accommodate the request of an employee for the length and time of a break, such request is subject to workload and superiority in the organization.

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Follow Up Letter Travel Agency



Thank you for giving (name of agency) the opportunity to make your travel arrangements for your recent trip to (destination)

We genuinely hope that you were pleased and satisfied with the air travel and the hotel accommodations that we arranged for you. We encourage your comments and feedback, in so far as that is the best means that we have for learning first hand if the representations of quality that are made to us are perfect.

We will look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that you will give us the opportunity to help you plan your next vacation or business trip as well. We would be obliged if you also recommend us to your friends and family.

Thank you.

Best Regards.

Follow Up Letter Travel Agency


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Employment Letter


Date: _


To: _ (Employee)

Dear _:


We are delighted to inform you that we would like to confirm you as a new employee of our firm in _ position. You will have to report directly to _, commencing with your start of employment on _, 20_.

Your salary will start at $_ per _. AS per the company standards, you will also be covered by the standard group benefit plans and fringe benefits explained to you. For the first year vacation time shall be pro-rated, so you will be entitled to _ day vacation for this year.

If you agree, this letter sets for our understanding, please sign the enclosed copy and return for our files.

We look forward to your joining the company.


Best Regards,


 Employment Letter

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Need Help Looking For Job Letter

123 Lane, Area 456, City, State, Pin Code
February 14, 2012

[Mention Recipient’s Address here]


Well as you know I am a graduate, the dorms are clearing out for the summer, all my professors have gone on vacation, and I’m also ready to come home now. I want to ask you something how do I get a good job? I have no clue how to look for work. I think I didn’t pay attention or I must have been asleep or hung over or something when they went over that in class. How does one find a job as a [your field of interest]? Newspapers? I need your guidance. Let’s sit down and talk about this when I get home please and discuss. Unless you’d rather just let me live in my room until I’m, oh, 40 or so? See you soon. Take care.

Warm Regards,

Bob Travolta

Encl: [List of enclosed items goes here]

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