It is extremely important for one to keep their team members zealous and that is only possible when you appreciate them for the good job done and for doing that you need an appreciation email template. This thank you letter to employees is a wonderful way to tell your te[...]

If there is an urgent piece of work at home because of which you have to take off from work, you must write a short leave application for urgent work to your manager. This kind of Urgent Piece of Work Leave Application helps you mention the details and the duration of ab[...]

We all have our own interests and someone has asked us about our interests then we can always write a short simple letter of interest that includes the things that we like. This letter format is quite simple as it includes everything that interests us along with briefing[...]

Letter to Explain Reasons for Not Going Abroad[...]

Being a school teacher if you need to take a leave, you must inform about the same to the management by writing Urgent Piece of Work Leave Application. The Short leave application for urgent work is all you need for creating your own draft. In this post, we bring to you [...]

Sometimes it becomes really difficult to say sorry to someone you love the most for your actions and in such a situation writing an apology letter is the best thing to do. The Apology Letter to Parents for your mistake is the right way to put across your thoughts and fee[...]

If you are a teacher at a school or an educational set up and you need to take a day off from work because of an urgent work then application for urgent work for principal is just what you need. The Urgent Piece of Work Leave Application makes it easier for you to draft [...]

If you have been dissatisfied with any of the companies with which you trade for their goods or services and you expect to get a refund then you can always write a Refund Request Letter regarding your dissatisfaction. The refund letter format must include the reason for [...]

Letter to Customers informing about Delay in Order[...]

If you had booked a flat or apartment which you wish to cancel then you have to write an Apartment Booking Cancellation Letter to the builder about the same. Whatever may be the reason, you can always include that in your flat booking cancellation letter to builder which[...]