Disagreement Letter Concerning a Cancelled Appointment

3 days ago

If an appointment has been cancelled and you disagree with it then you can always write a disagreement letter in…

Warning Letter For Usage Of Mobile Phone On Workplace & Office

7 days ago

It is important for the companies to define the use of mobile phones at the place of work in order…

Simple Application Letter for Any Position Without Experience

2 weeks ago

If you are a fresher without any experience and you are looking for a job but you are not sure…

Application for Cash Stuck in CDM Machine Letter Formats

3 weeks ago

Application for Cash Stuck in CDM Machine

Write a Apologizing Company Management for Misunderstanding

4 weeks ago

Apology Company Management for Misunderstanding Example

Request Letter Format for New Employee ID Card

1 month ago

If employees have lost their ID cards or employees are new to a job then they need to write a…

Sample Letter to Employee for Additional Allowance for Extra Duty

1 month ago

Additional allowance is given to employees for the additional work they have done. As there are some situations in which…

Computer Course Enquiry Letter Sample Format

1 month ago

If you plan to wish to enquire about a computer course that you plan to join then you can always…

Credit Inquiry Explanation Letter Sample Format, Template

2 months ago

Credit Inquiry explanation letter is a kind of a brief document that is drafted in order to explain anything in…

Short Emotional Goodbye Letter to Teacher and Mentor

2 months ago

Emotional goodbye message to teacher

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