Appreciation Email to Employee for Cooperation [Example]

Employee Appreciation Email for Cooperation

It is always a blessing to have employees who can cooperate in a company and if there is some employee who has this quality then it is surely worth appreciating. You can always write an employee appreciation email for cooperation to that employee to acknowledge and appreciate this quality.

You don’t have to worry about drafting this kind of a letter as we have shared below an employee appreciation email template which you can keep as an example for creating your own email with confidence and proficiency.

Employee Appreciation Email for Cooperation

Dear Raymond,

The purpose of writing this letter is to thank you for always being so cooperative to the new recruits in our company.

I have come across so many new joinees who have mentioned your name for making them feel comfortable in this new environment at work. This is a rare quality and by cooperating with them and helping them understand the rules, regulations and working of the organization, you are certainly playing an important role which is highly appreciated.

I would like to thank you again for always being so cooperative with your coworkers and always being available for the organization.


Adam Smith


Zenith Technologies

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