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Notice of Dispatch


Date: .


To: . (Client name)


This is in reference to the order placed by your company with us. We would like to inform you that On ., 20., the goods ordered by you on our contract dated ., 20. will be sent to you by . (Carrier) and should arrive at your place of business on or about ., 20.. We will send you the tracking details of the order also.


Warm Regards,


Notice of Dispatch

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  • Please add mail regarding short or excess dispatch to share debit and credit notes

    Raghav Sharma

  • Dear sir/Madam,

    please add mail regarding Supply chain management.

    Raghav Sharma

  • We would you like to inform you that the order placed by your company with us. will ready to dispatch by tomorrow.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rekha Chaudhary

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