Apology Sorry Letters

Write a Apologizing Company Management for Misunderstanding

Apology Company Management for Misunderstanding Example

8 months ago

Apology Letter for Damaging a Fruit Tree Sample Format

If you have or someone from your family has damaged a fruit tree of someone then it is important to…

10 months ago

Apology Letter to the Principal for Ragging in School

Apology Letter to Principal for Ragging The cases of ragging in schools and colleges have been increasing with an alarming…

2 years ago

Apology Letter Format for Sleeping on Duty

Apology Letter for Sleeping on Duty Sleeping at work is not justified and if in case you have been caught…

2 years ago

Apology Letter to Customer for Short Shipment

Apology Letter to Customer for Shipment No matter how hard we try, sometimes it happens that despite all our efforts,…

3 years ago

Apology Etiquette: The Art of Apology Letter Writing

Art of Apology Letter Writing Etiquette As long as you are living in a society you are bound to hurt…

3 years ago

Sample I Am Sorry Apology Sorry Letters

Kritika Jain 73, Pal Road Surat 17th February, 2007. Dear Kritika, Firstly, wish you a very happy birthday dear. I…

12 years ago

Sample Father Apology Sorry Letters

Chandlier Phelps, 4563 323 Brook Avenue Brooklyn 5th May 2009 Dear Daddy, I understand your worry for Joe and I…

13 years ago

Sample Wife Apology Sorry Letters

Victoria Browns, Kingston Road 1414141, West Dakota, IL Dearest Victoria, I am writing this letter to express my apology for…

13 years ago

Sample Uncle Apology Sorry Letters

May 27, 2008 Mr. James Conary 3994 Hollywood Rodeo Drive, Ca 9944 Dear Uncle James, I would like to say…

13 years ago

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