Format For Letter About Things You Are Interested In

Letter of Interest Sample Writing Tips
Letter of Interest

We all have our own interests and someone has asked us about our interests then we can always write a short simple letter of interest that includes the things that we like. This letter format is quite simple as it includes everything that interests us along with briefing a little about the interest.

In this post, we bring to you a letter of interest example that you can use for creating your own letter. We have also included a few important Letter of Interest Sample and Writing Tips that you can use while writing one such letter.

Tips for Writing Letter About Thing That Interest You

Here are some significant points to keep in mind about things you are interested in:

  • Keep the letter short and precise.
  • Make sure that you elaborate your interest a little so that the reader can understand it better.
  • Keep it tone of the letter casual if you are writing it to your friend or family.
  • Include your real interests only.

Format for Letter About Things You Are Interested In


Ana Smith

54, Richard Apartments

New York

Date: March 17th, 2023


Ms. Samantha Brown

85, St. Andrew’s Lane


Dearest Sam,

I hope you are doing good and your studies are going well. I am also doing great and I just finished one of the most important projects for the semester this week.

In your last letter, you asked me about the things that I am interested in. To share with you, there are two things that really interest me and make my favorite hobbies. One of them in painting. Though I have not taken any kind of professional training in painting but this is something that I have always loved since I was a small girl. I would always like to pick up the colors and use brushes to paint whatever I like. I can spend my whole day painting and enjoying the music play in the background and I don’t need anything else. It works like catharsis for me and makes me feel liberated. I have created some paintings on my own of which I am really proud of and I intend to show them to you the next time you are in town.

Another thing that I like doing is reading and the books I like to read are mostly fictional. And if I want to be more precise then I like reading mysteries and romantic novels. Some of my favorites are The Twilight Saga and works by Eric Segal. They are the most beautiful things that I have ever read and I love them so much I have read them a couple of times. Whenever I am feeling bored or stressed,  I pick any of these books and start reading them all over again as they always bring me peace and happiness.

Now that you know my likings, I am also interested in knowing what things interest you the most. I will be looking forward for your letter.



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