Sample Letter to Judge for Guardianship

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Sample Letter to Judge for Guardianship
Sample Letter to Judge for Guardianship

A Guardianship Letter is a legal and binding document that allows the parents or guardians to transfer the guardianship of a child. The letter gives the rights of a legal guardian of the child to the grandparents or close friends or relatives for the time period mentioned. The letter addressed to the judge for guardianship is written as an appeal to transfer the child’s custody.

In this post are guardianship letter sample and template, letter to judge for guardianship example and professional letter to a judge tips.

Tips to Write a Professional Letter to a Judge

Here are some tips to help you draft a professional letter to a judge.

First thing that goes in a formal letter is the sender’s details. Mention you name, address, city and zip code, and telephone number.

Followed by the Date, start by writing in the order:

  1. Honorable Judge (Full Name)
  2. Name of the court
  3. Mailing address

Write the subject matter of concern that the letter is going to address.

‘Re: Guardianship case of the child’

Before starting with the content, greet the judge by writing their title.

The body of the letter has to be in a formal and subtle tone. It should only mention the required details and not the information that may be of no use and might waste the court’s time.

Clarify the purpose of you writing the letter and gather all the required information and facts.

If you are a victim or writing on behalf of one, write about the crime, its details and how it has affected you and every one around. Write about how drastically has it changed your life.

If you are a defendant owing to your default and requesting leniency, write in the letter that you accept your mistake and take responsibility of your actions.

Sign off the letter with a complimentary close like ‘respectfully’ or ‘sincerely’ followed by your signature and full name.

Guardianship Letter Example for Judge

Jack Finley

103, Earthy towers

Ontario, Canada

October 18, 2022

Honorable Judge M. Harley

Judge of High Court

Re: Jay Finley, Case Number 12345

Dear Judge M. Harley

My name is Jack Finley, and I am an attorney in the state of California. I am writing on behalf of my brother, Jay Finley to request that he receives primary custody of his two children, Shane and Emily. The custody hearing is scheduled for October 17, 2022.

My brother has been an excellent father since both of his children were born, attending their school events and nurturing them while maintaining his work life balance. Through his divorce from his wife, he remained stable and active in his children’s lives, never wavering in his love and support for them. In addition, he has familial support including myself, our parents, and our sister.


Jack Finley

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