Sample Letter to Employee for Additional Allowance for Extra Duty

Additional allowance is given to employees for the additional work they have done. As there are some situations in which employees have to stay longer at work or work on holidays in order to achieve some targets like completion of project etc. and such a situation usually employers compensate their employees for the additional work … Read more

Computer Course Enquiry Letter Sample Format

If you plan to wish to enquire about a computer course that you plan to join then you can always write an Inquiry Letter for Computer Course to that particular institution inquiring about the course and other information that you need. It is like an enquiry letter for taking admission in a course and is … Read more

Credit Inquiry Explanation Letter Sample Format, Template

Credit Inquiry explanation letter is a kind of a brief document that is drafted in order to explain anything in relation with credits to the recipient. The inquiry letter format is simple which poses a question the writer of the letter has and an inquiry explanation letter is something that provides answer for that query. … Read more

Congratulations Letter to Employee for New Born Baby

If any of your employee has been blessed with a baby then it is time to write a formal Congratulations Letter to employee for new born baby. Employees are like family and when they have a new member in the family. The new baby congratulations letter is supposed to be a simple but heart warming … Read more

Write a Sample School Fundraising Letters to Parents

It is important to write an effective School Fundraising Letter To Parents in order to have the parents come onboard when it comes to raising funds. The best thing to do in such a situation is to reach out to the parents directly by writing a formal Fundraising Donation Letter. A school fundraising letter is … Read more