Sample Letter Template to Landlord Requesting Repairs

Sample letter to Landlord Requesting Repairs

If you are staying as a tenant at some apartment or house and there are certain repairs that are needed by the property then you can always write a letter to your landlord requesting these repairs in a formal manner. Such a request letter for repair and maintenance is supposed to include in it all the details about the repairs that are needed along.

In this post, we bring to you a sample letter requesting repairs. All you need to do is follow this template for writing your own letter with all the details included in it.

Format for Request Letter to Landlord Requesting Repairs


Arnold Smith

54, Richmond Street

New York

Date: February 14, 2024


Mr. Henry Brown

88, St. Anthony’s Villas

New York

Dear Mr. Brown,

I, Arnold Smith, your tenant at 54, Richmond Street, New York, am writing this letter to notify you that the property is in need of three repairs at the earliest.

Here is the detailed list of all the repairs that are required:

  1. Repair of the kitchen ceiling as there has been a water leakage.
  2. The taps in the sink in the powder room have not been working smoothly.
  3. The false ceiling in the guest room has gone weak.

I have checked and all the issues mentioned above are the responsibility of the landlord under the terms and conditions mentioned in the tenancy agreement.

You can contact me at 9898989898 or email me at [email protected] whenever the workmen are coming to fix these issues. I would appreciate if you could give me a warning of 24 hours so that things are worked out smoothly. In case, I am not available then my wife will be there to help.

I will be looking forward to hear from you in these matters.

Thanking you.


Arnold Smith

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