Request Letter For Appointment Letter

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Mr. Jackie Woo,

Managing Director

640, Dale Street,

El Monte, C.A. – 54126


Dear Mr. Woo,

We are one of the leading market research & survey companies, ‘Brinson & Smith Research’.

We have conducted thousands of business surveys with participation from the leading companies in all sectors for the past ten years.

Presently, we are conducting a new survey concerning the different ways of ‘general office procedures’ in different types of industries.

The objective of this survey is to collect the related data and improve the efficiency & output in businesses. The survey data will help imply new strategies in different businesses for better office maintenance.

Further, we plan to organize a corporate seminar in the next month where the results of this survey will be addressed. All the participants of the survey will be invited to this event.

So, in this regard, we seek your appointment for conducting this survey in your office.

We request you to please allow us to perform this business study in your office and, be a part of new change that will improve the current business strategies &productivity.


Thanking you.



Brinson & Smith Research

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