Request For Newspaper Advertisement Fee Letter

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Request for Newspaper Advertisement Fee

[DATE, ex. Thursday, February 2, 2012]


Sean Peterson


123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code]

Dear [Name, ex. Sean Peterson],

We are interested in [TYPE OF ADVERTISEMENT, ex. a full-page color advertisement] in your newspaper.  Accordingly, please forward the following information to us:

1) The relevant advertisement rate sheet.

2) Conditions and/or restrictions on content and artwork.

3) The minimum lead times you require.

4) Any other information you deem relevant.

Our company would like to make a contract for your services with your firm, [COMPANY NAME, ex. XYZ Co]. We are interested in making a print advertisement [TIME PERIOD, ex. during March].  The expected length is [LENGTH, ex. 6×4] and we plan to give [X] advertisements in the [TIME OF MONTH, ex. 4 ads in a month].

We would like to start this contract for a [DURATION, ex. one-year] contract. I would be interested in hearing from you regarding your fees for the services rendered by your firm.

I can be reached at 345-695-0042 or [email protected]. Looking forward to the great opportunities together.

Yours faithfully,

[SENDER’S NAME, ex. Bob Travolta]

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