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Sample Scholarship Appeal Letter

by emily on April 17, 2012

Mr. David Taylor

California School of Architecture

501, Apple Valley,



Subject: Scholarship Application

Dear Mr. Taylor,

I am an architect by profession, and I have assisted many well established architects to build buildings across country. Just recently, I professed my interest to learn more about modern architecture to my friend. He is an alumnus of California School of Architecture and he introduced me to your various scholarship programs.

I would like to make use of this opportunity by saying that I am very interested in pursuing a higher degree in modern architecture and would be gratified, if your esteemed college selects me for their scholarship program.

Please find the attached essay, qualification degrees and other work related documents for your perusal. Being associated with your college has always been a dream and hope today it comes true.

Do let me know, if any other formality is required from my end. Hoping to hear from your end soon.

Thanking you in advance.

Bessy Kones.

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Volunteers Request Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mr. Lynn Thayer

Sports Coach

Ruskins University of Arts

Queen Sylvia Rd.

Derby – DD10 3KG

4th April ’12.


Dear Mr. Thayer,

I am Jesse Madrid, representing ‘People’s Trust’, Derby.

Our foundation works for many types of social causes and we are working for the past ten years for now.

Presently, we are planning to run a campaign regarding health education for less educated housewives all over Derby.

With this campaign, we aim to spread awareness among these women about health care and general medical issues. We want to make this campaign truly successful, reaching out more & more women for their advantage.

The objective of our initiative can only be achieved with the help of a large number of volunteers. We need many volunteers to help & support us for this cause. We need people who can dedicate at least ten hours in a week for the next four months.

So, I request you to please appeal to your college students for this cause and extend your support to our community women. We would be really grateful to you & your students for this support.

Thank for your attention, and we look forward for your support for this campaign.


Jesse Madrid,



People’s trust

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Sample Unemployment Appeal Letter

by emily on December 26, 2011

Ms. Natasha Portman

Manager- Human Resources

Bright Recruiters Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Ms. Portman,

I am writing this letter as a last hope for the job openings in your company, with the recommendation of a close friend of one of the directors of the firm of associates would, as regards to the subject, request you to consider me for job opening as a candidate you are looking for, as an assistant in the accounts department.

I would like to take this opportunity to bring to your notice that looking over my education as well as my socio- cultural environment; I was considered as one of the best in my field in all the sections.

I have attached all my various mark sheets and other documents that certify to this fact. I have even enclosed a few of the certificates I have got over my period in college as best manager.

I would like to make use of this opportunity with which I can be a part of your reputed establishment and would also like to offer my services to your organization. I believe that my capabilities can contribute towards the sustainable growth of your enterprise.

I can be contacted on 520 411 9797 or Thank you for your consideration and hoping to hear from you soon.


Carl Green

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Sample Student Appeal letter

by emily on December 26, 2011

Mr. Earl Brooks

Dean- Examination and internal affairs Department

New York College of Law and Economics

New York

Dear Mr. Brooks,

I, Steffi Howard, president of the Student union, am writing you this letter on behalf of student union of Law Department with the reference of our telephonic discussion held regarding the incomplete syllabus due to games periods. Please consider this communication as student appeal letter to conduct some classes to complete the pending syllabus.

In order to complete the syllabus for this semester, the timings for the classes needs to be adjusted or extra classes are conducted. Failure to this shall lead to scoring less percentage in the upcoming examinations.

Kindly take an effective step by considering our appeal to arrange classes for pending programme. We shall be waiting for your announcement regarding the same.


Thanks & Regards,

Steffi Howard

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Sample Personal Appeal Letter

by emily on December 26, 2011

Edward Martinez

101/B, Hallway Drive

Los Angeles, CA

Dear Edward,

Hello. I hope you find this letter in the pink of your health. I wanted to talk to you about a personal matter.

My university education has become very expensive these days. I am not able to afford for many things. The part time money is very less for me and I am not having enough job hours to settle my college tuition fees and transportation.

The part time job I am doing has been enough just to fend for my food and lodging. I am going to become a graduate in 2 months and I already have an offer letter with Nicole & Co. Once I get my salary, I would be able to pay off all my debts and become free of loans. If your kind enough I would like to make an appeal to you for giving me a loan of $1000 which I would surely repay in 2 months time.

I will meet you in person as soon as I am done with my exams.



Joe Williams

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Sample University Appeal Letter

by emily on December 26, 2011

September 28, 2011

Registrar and secretary,

Texas College of Engineering,

319 Crescents Ave,

Dallas, TX – 60052

Dear Sir,

[Sub: Examination appeal]

I, Timothy Lewis, pursuing engineering 3rd year in Electronics and Communications bearing the roll number 709890, could not attend the internals due to a severe accident that I met on the day of the examination. It would be very difficult for me to score good marks in the semester examinations without internal examination marks. So it is my sincere appeal to you, to re conduct my internals.

My previous semester results have always been good and I request a fair chance to prove my caliber and to be allowed to give re-internal exam.

Attached with this letter are the necessary certificates and medical reports.



Timothy Lewis

Electronics and Communications – II year

Roll No: 709890

Texas College of Engineering

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Sample Financial Appeal Letter

by emily on December 26, 2011

Sept 22, 2011

Texas School of Business Education,

Financial Aid Appeal Committee,

101, Hill Road Avenue,

Dallas, TX – 50542

Dear Mr. Clark,

Sub: Appeal for financial aid

I, Justin Lewis, who has taken admission into Masters of Business Administration in your college, would like to make an appeal to you to aid me financially for the above course.

Unfortunately, our family income has dramatically changed this year and we are unable to make the additional contributions necessary to maintain my enrollment.

I currently live with my mother who is a single parent and she is unemployed. She collects unemployment and annually receives around $8890 in benefits. On the FAFSA, my EFC is $0 since we have such little income. I work to help support my family, but the money I earn goes towards our daily expenses and bills. My father is deceased and I have no one else to rely on for financial assistance.

I hope you will take these details into consideration as you review my financial aid application for this year. Texas School of Business Education has been my dream school since I first started the college application process. This school is the perfect fit for me academically and socially and I know I would be able to contribute so much to the diversity of the student body

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to explain my financial circumstances. I look forward to hearing about your decision.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Justin Lewis

MBA Aspirant

Texas School of Business Education

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Sample Admission Appeal Letter

by emily on December 26, 2011

September 22, 2011

Mr. Charles Taylor

Head of Department- Admissions

Sydney College of Law


Dear Mr. Taylor,

This letter is in reference with the telephonic conversation we had yesterday for the appeal of admission in Sydney College of Law in new batches.

I am a dedicated and a hard working student and I seek your kind support as admission session has been closed a week ago in your institution.

As per our telephonic discussion, you have assured me the admission in your law School with late fees for which I have already agreed. You can find enclosed certificates of my student record with the letter which is required to fulfill the formalities.

I will be in touch with you on your official mailer till my admission process completes.

Thank you so much for you valuable decision towards my career.

Yours Sincerely,

Daniel Wilson

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