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Write a Letter To Describing The Accident Sample Template

by emily on September 3, 2023

Letter to your friend Describing The Accident

If you have witnessed some accident and you wish to share it with a friend or family member then you can always write a letter to friend describe the accident. Such a letter is quite a simple letter which majorly includes details about the accident that you witnessed.

In this post, we have come up with a format sample for letter describing an accident. If you have no idea about how to write such a letter then you can always use this template for creating a customized letter that will help you write your own letter with confidence.

Format for Letter Describing the Accident


Ana Samuel

54, Richard Street

New York

Date: September 3, 2023


Ms. Julie Hathaway

32/A, Henry Apartments


Hi Julie,

Hope you are doing good. It has been really long since we connected. I was also busy with my exams and submissions and could not find any time to write to you.

I am writing this letter to share with you an accident that I witnessed recently. While I was going back home from university at around 4 pm with my classmates. While we were all waiting for the signal to turn green in order to cross the road, one boy came and crossed the road while the signals were still red. Suddenly a Range Rover came in speed and hit the boy really hard. We were all shocked seeing what just happened. The car was at a very high speed and did not even stop to see if the boy was fine or not. Within a moment, all we could see was blood on the road. One of my friends, immediately called 911 and asked them to send immediate help. Thanks to the presence of mind of one of my friend who could manage to remember the number of the car.

It has been over a week but I still have not been able to get over this horrifying accident. It has shaken us all. The boy is in coma and we all are hoping that he is going to recover soon. But this accident is not going to fade from my memory so easily.

Rest everything is fine. I hope your exams are over too and soon you are going to be visiting New York. Looking forward to meet you.




Sample Letter to your Friend about a Holiday Trip

by emily on December 8, 2022

We all love sharing our experiences with our friends and writing an informal letter to a friend about holiday is just one way of doing so. If you have been on a holiday recently and you have been wanting to share it with your friend then you can always write letter to your friend about your summer holidays. This is a wonderful way of sharing the details of your trip, about what you liked, about what you did not enjoy and everything else without keeping any secrets.

If you wish to write a Letter to your Friend about a Holiday Trip then we bring to you a sample which you can use for writing your own letter. We have also included some guidelines that can be of good help to you.

How to Write a Letter to a Friend about your Holiday

Here are some points that we must keep in mind while writing a letter to our friend:

  • Keep the tone of the letter informal as it is a casual letter you are writing.
  • Always start by asking the wellbeing.
  • Pen down some interesting experiences from your holiday.
  • Do not make the letter too long or too boring.
  • Don’t miss on checking spelling mistakes and grammatical errors for mailing the letter.

Format for Letter to Friend About a Holiday Trip


Ana Smith

54, Richmond Town

New York

Date: December 8th, 2022


Ms. Sam Brown

88, Phase II, Super Ville,


Hi Sam,

I hope this letter of mine finds you in good health and spirits. It has been so long, we have not been chatted. I hope your studies are going good and you have found a part time job for yourself.

I just came back from Bali the last week and there is so much I have been wanting to share with you. It is one of the best places I have ever been and I wish I could go there again. This place has some of the most beautiful beaches and offers some of the best water sports that you can think of. And the food is another attraction when it comes to Bali. The party scene in this country is also fantastic. You can party all night at one of the streets as it is so vibrant and charged up even at the midnight.

You have no idea how much shopping I did there. I have also bought a very stylish swimming costume and sarong for you which I am going to be getting for you when I will be visiting you the next month.

Though everything was amazing there but the best part of my trip was the pool villa wherein I stayed. It was luxury at such reasonable prices. We had such big rooms and a big pool that you cannot even imagine. The service was also impeccable.

I am sure we are going there again together once you are done with your degree. I am sure we are going to have an awesome time.

Make sure that you do respond to my letter when you get time and let me know the good time to call you because there is so much that I want to tell you but I cannot pen down everything in this letter.

Take care.

Lots of love, Ana

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Compliment Letter to a Friend – Format, Example

by emily on August 2, 2022

Compliment Letter to a Friend
Compliment Letter to a Friend

It is always a great idea to send a compliment letter to a friend. How often do we appreciate the people around us? Think about it. If you are one of those who fail to praise your friends and family for the littlest of their actions and efforts, here is your sign to send a compliment letter to a Friend.

Sample Format Compliment Letter to a Friend


Ben Colby

409, Blue Towers,

Santa Barbara, California

United States of America

Date: August 2nd, 2022


Sam Winston

89, High Sky Plex,

San Jose, California,

United States of America

Subject: Appreciation letter

Dear Sam,

It has been a really long time since we last met and caught up. I hope this finds you and your family well. I just wanted to drop in and thank you for everything that you are and you have done for me.

We have been the best of friends since childhood. You have held me through all the ups and downs in life. Thank you for being my pillar of strength and guidance in every situation. You have evolved to be such a nice and humble man. Especially knowing all about where you started and how you reached your goal, I am so very proud you.

Keep achieving greater heights, and do remember that this friend of yours was and will always be your biggest cheerleader.

Once again, thank you and take care!

Yours affectionately,

Ben Colby

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How to Write a Letter of Encouragement to a Friend + Sample

by emily on October 21, 2021

Life is full of challenges and amidst these challenges, we sometimes find ourselves dejected and lost. In these times, a few words of encouragement can fill us with new energies. If you also have a friend who is struggling with some challenges in life then writing a letter of encouragement to him or her is a sweet gesture. The encouragement letter to a friend can help your friend feel motivated and positive about life just when he or she is at the lowest point in life.

In this post, we have come up with an encouragement letter to best friend example. And if you are thinking how to write a letter of encouragement to my friend then there are few tips included in this post to help you with.

Tips to Write a Letter of Encouragement to a Friend

Here are some guidelines to follow if you are planning to write an encouragement letter to your friend:

  • Make sure that you are able to convey your purpose of writing the letter in a proper manner. The intent of the letter should be clear.
  • Always make the first paragraph gripping and interesting to read.
  • Make sure that there are no spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in the letter.
  • Keep the letter short and concise. Do not make it too long or too boring to read.
  • Keep the tone of the letter warm and positive.

Sample Encouragement Letter to Friend


Samantha Gibbs

54, Richmond Lane,

New York

Date: October 21st, 2021


Amanda John

88, Henry Lane,

New York

Dear Amanda,

I have been thinking about you from quite some time off late, especially because of what all is going on in your life. Sometimes there are certain times in life when things don’t seem to be working out and situations seem to be going out of our hands but this is the time when we must have faith in our Gods that things will be fine soon.  After all, there is a sunrise after every sunset.

I understand that you are dejected and tired because of the health issues that have been bothering you but I must say that you have been extremely strong throughout this phase and very soon all this is going to end. You have always stayed positive and always followed each and every treatment and medicines that were prescribed to you. Soon all this is going to end and you will be able to resume your health. At this point in time, you must not lose your patience but stay motivated.

I have always known you as a strong girl and there have been so many times when you have motivated me and compelled me to not give up. This time, I want to remind you all that you have done to keep me strong.

These are certainly very difficult times but things are only going to improve from here. I just want to tell you that I am with you through these rough times and together we will soon be celebrating your wellness and happiness. I cannot wait to have you back in college and share my lunch with you in the canteen, watch movies with you on the weekends and go shopping.

I just want you to think of the good times that are soon going to arrive and just have this difficult time pass with patience. Don’t give up on your health and hold on my friend, as everything is soon going to start falling in place.

Always remember that there is solution to every problem in this world and the complicated health situation in your life will also get sorted. Just stay strong and we will soon be reliving the good old times.

Lots of love,


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I Want to Date Your Friend Letter

by emily on May 4, 2012

This is very awkward. But I want to ask to take out your friend [name] for a coffee. This feels very weird, I really like her and I had a ball of time with her on your wedding, but there’s a problem. I don’t even know her name. She was wearing that purple gown that day. Can you please give her name and cell phone number to me?

I am really attracted to her and I think even she is interested in me. She is very pretty and charming. I would be really thankful to you if you will help me. Waiting for your call.

Download I Want to Date Your Friend Letter In Word Format


Sample The Truth Hurts But AS Your Friend I Have To Tell You Letter

by emily on March 20, 2012

[Your Name, & Address here]



[Recipient Name & address here]

[Date here]

Dear [name],
It is really difficult to write this letter to you. I don’t know how to start, but I have to tell you about it.

At times, there are many things that we want to tell our friends about, but we are afraid that something might hurt the person and, I am in the same situation now.

I know it well that what I am going to say will be really hard for you to hear & accept, but it will definitely help you change & improve. And, believe me; if I were in your place, then I would happily want you to do the same for me.

[Person’s name], the truth is that [Describe here what you don’t like about your friend].

Now, I hope you will realize and accept the truth. If you are angry at me, I can understand it. But, I had to tell you this as only truth will improve you.

And, if you want to discuss it with me and have your say, please call me anytime.

You are a dear friend, and I only want to see good things in you.



[Your name]

 Download Sample The Truth Hurts But AS Your Friend I Have To Tell You Letter In Word Format


Sample Goodbye Letter to a Girl Friend

by emily on February 9, 2012


Sandra Simon


45, Short Lane,



15th January, 2012

Dear Sandra,

I had my best vacations with you this time. As you know my holiday have come to an end now and it is so difficult to say goodbye. These past 15 days have been amazing with you.

I am so thankful to you for your warmth. I will cherish the moments we had spent together on the beach in the evenings and town site seeing on the weekend. I am so happy to see you doing so well at your new work. My best wishes for you are always there. Keep working hard baby.

I know we shall be seeing each other during my next vacations now. In the mean time I hope we shall continue to keep in touch. Take care.

Yours lovingly,

Thomas Crown,

Download Sample Goodbye Letter to a Girl Friend In Word Format


Sample Goodbye Letter to a Best Friend

by emily on February 9, 2012


Heather Johnes

501, Apple Valley, California-92308

13th April, 2012

Dear James,

As you know I have been applying for higher studies in Australia for the last two years. I finally got my letter of admission and visa last week. I am scheduled to leave in five days time. I am getting mixed feelings. I am sad to leave my country and my best friend. And I am happy for pursuing my dream.

We have been the best of friends ever since childhood. We have shared everything, our joys, secrets and even troubles. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for standing by me through many difficult times especially when my family separated. I wish you all the best in your undertakings in the future.

My cell phone number and email address remain the same. Do keep in touch. I leave you my warmest thanks and best regards for the future.

Yours loving friend,

Sandra Simon

Download Sample Goodbye Letter to a Best Friend In Word Format

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