Individual Charge Account Denial Letter

Dear   This is in the reference to the request for opening a charge account. We regret to inform you…

12 years ago

Customer New Charge Card Cover Letter

Dear   It is our pleasure to notify you that a charge account hasĀ been approved in your name. We welcome…

12 years ago

Cover Letter Renewed Charge Card

Dear   Enclosed please find your new (name) cards, which have an expiration date of I have been advised that…

12 years ago

Charge Account Terms And Conditions Form

TERMS AND CONDITIONS   Buyer agrees with seller _______________________________to pay for all purchases upon receipt of monthly statement. Charges are…

12 years ago

Charge Back Application of Discount on Delayed Shipment

Dear   The shipment of the above referenced merchandise was delivered to my receiving division on While the original delivery…

12 years ago

Charge Account Credit Limit Raise Notification

Dear After cautious review of your charge account, it pleases us to inform you that we have increased your credit…

12 years ago

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