Miscellaneous Letters

Format For Letter About Things You Are Interested In

Letter of Interest We all have our own interests and someone has asked us about our interests then we can…

2 weeks ago

Letter Format to Explain Reasons for Not Going Abroad

Letter to Explain Reasons for Not Going Abroad

2 weeks ago

Apology /Sorry Letter to Mom for a Mistake and Disobeyed

Apology Letter to Mom Sometimes it becomes really difficult to say sorry to someone you love the most for your…

3 weeks ago

Sample Letter to Customers Informing about Delay in Fulfillment of Order

Letter to Customers informing about Delay in Order

1 month ago

Sample Flat/ Apartment Booking Cancellation Letter Format

Flat Booking Cancellation Letter If you had booked a flat or apartment which you wish to cancel then you have…

1 month ago

Comfort Letter for Support from Parent Company to Subsidiary

Letter of Comfort for Support from Parent Company Letter of comfort is usually issued by a parent or holding company…

2 months ago

Letter From Client to the Builder for Refund of Booking Money

Refund of booking Money from Builder Letter Format Sometimes we have to cancel our bookings for unforeseen circumstances and in…

2 months ago

How to Write a Waiver Request Letter (Sample Formats)

Waiver Letter Template A waiver letter is a kind of formal letter that is written to the party to whom…

4 months ago

Example of a Requesting letter for Speed Bumps – How to Write

Sample Letter To Request Speed Bumps If you wish to control the speeding cars in your area for safety reasons…

4 months ago

Write a Letter to your Father Asking for Money ( 4 Formats)

Letter to Your Father for Money If you are in need of money for a special reason then you can…

4 months ago