Cancellation Letter for Subscription of Magazine

If you wish to cancel the subscription of a magazine then you can do so by writing a cancellation letter to that magazine. It is a very simple and short letter which must include the details in relation with the subscription and you can also include the reason for cancelling the subscription as well. We … Read more

Cancel Membership due to Transfer of Business Address Letter

In case you have taken a membership which you had taken in the name of your business and you wish to have it cancelled for whatever reasons then you can do so by writing a membership cancellation letter to the institution with which you have taken this membership. In order to make this task an … Read more

Letter Sample to Refund an Extra Payment Made on Phone Bill

If by mistake you have ended up paying extra money for your phone bill then you can always ask the company to refund you the extra payment that you have made against your phone bill and you can do that just by writing a letter for the same. We have come up with a template … Read more

Sample Letter to Transmit a Payment for a Telephone Bill

Transmittal letters are a kind of letters that are written for accompanying important documents that include financial reports or any other sensitive information. They make simple and precise letters that are mostly sent by businesses or organizations or individuals in order to provide information about any corresponding document. This post includes a format for letter … Read more

Credit Inquiry Explanation Letter Sample Format, Template

Credit Inquiry explanation letter is a kind of a brief document that is drafted in order to explain anything in relation with credits to the recipient. The inquiry letter format is simple which poses a question the writer of the letter has and an inquiry explanation letter is something that provides answer for that query. … Read more

Write a Letter To Describing The Accident Sample Template

If you have witnessed some accident and you wish to share it with a friend or family member then you can always write a letter to friend describe the accident. Such a letter is quite a simple letter which majorly includes details about the accident that you witnessed. In this post, we have come up … Read more

Sample Letter with Minutes of Homeowners’ Association Meetings

It is important to keep everyone associated with the meeting about the minutes of the meeting. The idea behind such letters is to keep everyone informed about what was discussed or concluded at the meeting in a formal manner. In this post, we have come up with a formal letter with minutes of homeowners’ association … Read more

Letter to Confirm a Reservation or Registration to your Guests

It is important to confirm the reservation or the registration of the guest for any event or other purpose. This is a formal way of confirming the reservation as well as sharing all the important details about the reservation in writing so that there is no confusion about the same. Mostly, reservation confirmation letters for … Read more