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How to Write Confrontational Letter: Effective Tips and Etiquette

by emily on June 14, 2021

Effective Confrontational Letter Writing Tips, Confrontational Letter Etiquette
Confrontational Letter Writing Tips

Confrontational letter as the name itself suggest is a letter written to confront a certain situation, problem or dispute. The main objective of such letters is to ask for heads up on certain matter that is not usually granted without a few hindrances. The sender normally persuades the recipient to grant the objective in the most convincing manner as possible with some of the basic etiquette.

Below are a few tips to help you write the best confrontational letter without hiccups in the writing process.

Tips to Write an Effective Confrontational Letter

1. Apply the sandwich principle while writing such letters.  Start off with an encouraging salutation, add your grievances in the middle and sign it off with a proper ending.

2. Your confrontational letter should look impressive and professional. It should be written in such a way that it deserves consideration.

3. Try using statements like ‘I felt hurt and saddened by the incident’ or in case of commercial grievances, you may use something like this ‘I felt let down and disappointed by your product/your companies level of service.’ End it on a positive note.

4. Get your basics right before writing such letters. It has to be well-researched and well-organized. Back it up with accurate and complete supporting information to make the letter sound more confrontational to the recipient.

5. The letter should carry a professional tone with a sense of civility and respectfulness. Write it in such a way that it lands on the unreasonable request category.     

6. You need not require quoting biblical scriptures. Just get your confrontation right and just get over with it.

7. Always request and never demand in your letter. Even the request has to be respectfully framed. You may use closing salutations like ‘Respectfully Yours’ for such letters.

8. While writing confrontational letters, never add any recipient to the cc: space. They look highly inappropriate and unprofessional. No one likes third party reference in the initial phase.

9. Your letter must be devoid of criticism. It has to be polite and quite formal. Understandable temperate expressions should be restricted only to those areas where you might just want to prove a point.

10. Your letter must end on a positive note and request for a respond. You may use endings such as,’ If you are unable to agree to my request on any other aspect of the case I have outlined, please feel free to advice.’

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Excuse Letter from Work due to Sickness

by emily on January 9, 2021

Excuse letter from work due to sickness, Excuse Absent Letter
Excuse Letter for Being Absent due to Sickness

It often happens that we are not keeping well and because we cannot go to our office, we must make sure that we write a formal excuse letter for being absent from work due to sickness. It is extremely important to write excuse letter for absence from work due to illness, important matter in order to inform your boss. There are also excuse letters for work due to child sickness, family sickness that are also available online.

In this post, we bring to you sample sickness excuse letter. You can use this excuse letter from work due to sickness along with the tips that have been shared to help you write a personalized letter.

How to write an excuse letter for work absence?

Here are the tips for writing a formal excuse letter for work absence:

Know the employee guidelines: Every company has different and defined guidelines for taking off which must be referred to before writing the letter.

Follow the format: Don’t forget to follow the business letter format to make sure that your letter looks professional.

Be aware of leave policy: Companies have well defined leave policies which you must know before you sit down to write a letter.

Include the reason for leave: You must include the reason for which you are on leave.

Duration of leave: Don’t forget to mention the number of days for which you will not be able to come to work.

Keep it short: Don’t include any unnecessary details and try to keep your letter concise.

Offer help: You can always include in the end that you will be available on call or email in case any help is needed.

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Sample Format for Excuse Letter from Work Due to Sickness


Ana Down

54, Richmond Apartments,

Gibs Street


Date: January 09th, 2021


Shaun Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies


Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will not able to come to work from January 20th, 2021 to January 31st, 2021 as I have an eye surgery scheduled on January 20th, 2021.

I have been diagnosed with cataract and it needs to be operated and as per the recommendations of the doctor, I will need to keep my eyes away from exposure from computer screen as well as sunlight for a couple of days. From January 21th, 2021, I will be available over phone for any kind of work related matters. I have also spoken with my colleague, Mr. Adam Anthony, for handling any kind of communication from my end to have the work going uninterrupted.

I have made all the required arrangements from my end but in case there is any other extra help you need in my absence, please do let me know.

Thanking in anticipation.


Ana Down

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Letter for Salary Deduction Due to COVID-19

by emily on December 28, 2020

In order to avoid layoffs in large numbers due to COVID-19, many companies have been compelled to reduce the salaries of their employees temporarily. In order to communicate the same, writing a formal salary deduction letter to employees due to corona is important. A salary reduction letter highlights the conditions for reduction in salary. A salary deduction letter to employee due to COVID-19 has to be precise and complete. There are different samples for salary reduction letter due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) available online which can be used for your organization.

We have come up with a letter format for salary deduction due to COVID- 19. You can use this salary deduction letter template to create a customized letter for the employees of your company.

Sample Salary Reduction Letter to Employee due to Covid-19

Date: December 28th, 2021

Zenith Technologies Ltd.

54, Richmond Street


Subject: Salary Deduction Due to COVID-19,

Dear Sam,

I am Andrew Gibs, the CEO of Zenith Technologies Ltd. I would like to refer to the meeting held on 15th December, 2020 regarding your consent on the deduction in salary from $5500 per month to $3500 per month for six months. We know that all our workers are dedicated employees and are working with utmost commitment and hard work for the growth of the organization and we are extremely thankful for all the support you have shown during these tough times.

We all know that coronavirus pandemic has affected the global economy and has brought many challenges to all of us and our businesses. As a result, many companies have been forced to deduct the employees’ salaries to avoid any kind of layoffs. Because of COVID-19, our company has suffered great losses due to the lockdown in the nation. According to the statistics, we are still sitting on heavy losses and therefore, temporary salary deductions is the only way to get over this situation.

I am extremely hopeful that all of the employees are going to cooperate with us. We are trying our levels best to bring the situation on track and that’s why these deductions are for a limited period. Once the company is able to resume the original position then you will be compensated with a good incentive. We highly appreciate your cooperation and dedication in these challenging times.


Andrew Gibs


Zenith Technologies Ltd.

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Letter for Reimbursement of Wife Delivery Medical Expenses

by emily on August 11, 2020

The purpose of writing a letter of reimbursement of wife’s delivery to the organization you work with is to request for the expenses that have been incurred on the delivery of the wife. This is because many good companies offer different kinds of medical insurances and benefits to their employees and in order to avail that you are suppose to submit reimbursement letter for medical expenses. Just like a mobile bill reimbursement letter format, there is a medical bill reimbursement application format that you must follow to create a formal draft.

In this post, we have shared sample letter for reimbursement of wife’s delivery medical expenses. You can use this template for letter for reimbursement of wife’s delivery to create a personalized letter.

Sample Letter for Reimbursement of Wife Delivery Medical Expenses


Mr. Thomson,

23, Hanging Street, LA

United Kingdom

Date: August 11th, 2020


The HR Manager

ABC Bank

United Kingdom

Sub: Reimbursement for Wife’s Delivery

Dear Sir,

I, Rajesh Sharma, am working as a Relationship Manager with ABC Bank from last three years. As per my employment contract, I am entitled to claim for the reimbursement of the medical expenses of my family members.

My wife delivered our baby on August 6th, 2020 at Jankidevi Hospital, Bangalore. Because of some medical complications, the doctor had to perform a C-section considering the life of the baby. After the surgery, the mother and the baby had to stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and were given exceptional medical attention and this caused the medical bills to cost very high.

According to my contract, I can submit medical reimbursement request for medical expenses of my family. Therefore, I would like to request you to please approve my application and have the funds released at the earliest.

Thanking in anticipation


Mr. Thomson

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Touching Letter to Dad from a Son on Father’s Day

by emily on June 1, 2020

For a father, a letter from his son can mean the most beautiful present on Father’s Day. If you are thinking about what to gift your dad this Father’s Day then you write a beautiful letter to dad expressing your feelings and love to him. Make it a special one for him with touching letter to dad from son. Write things to him that you have never expressed to him with Father’s Day letter. Just like a Father’s Day letter to my son, you can have a Father’s Day letter to dad. A Happy Father’s Day letter from son can make every dad a happy one.

Shared below is a sample Father’s Day letter. You can use this Father’s Day letter template to create your own. Follow this Father’s Day letter from son and pen down your own.

Sample Father’s Day Letter from Son

Dearest Dad,

Happy Father’s Day to you!!!

I may not tell you that very often but I love you the most and you really inspire me. When I was a kid, I would always find you so strict compared to all the other dads of my friends and I used to feel that you are so unfair but now that I am a grown up guy, I realize that you were probably the best dad because you were doing the right things. And I am really thankful that you never stopped doing those things.

Though we meet very often but I still want to meet you more because I have started to realize that whenever I spend time with you, the child inside me is so happy and man on the outside has so much to learn. I must admit that I have never enjoyed your company more than what I am enjoying these days and I feel that’s because we both have started to understand each other much better and I feel that this was the kind of relationship I always wanted to have with you.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, I just want to wish you all the happiness and this world and want to promise you that I am always going to be there for you. No matter how old you get, how difficult you become, you will always have me by your side because you are the man who inspires me.

With lots of love,



Letter to Our Clients and Partners About COVID-19

by emily on April 28, 2020

With coronavirus enveloping the whole world, you must reach out to your clients and partners. In these times, you must check on their wellness and also inform them of all the measures you are taking in order to fight against this pandemic.

In this post, we bring to you A Letter to Our Customers using which you can connect with your customers. Use this Letter to Our Clients or you can also customize it to frame your own letter with ease.

Letter to Our Clients about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Across the world, we all are facing difficult times. Our colleagues, our employees, our families and our communities are undergoing one of the most challenging times that we all have witnessed. But as leaders, we always have faced difficult situations and conquered them with our planning and efforts. Therefore, I would like to share with you all the measures that our company is taking in order to have the operations go on smoothly. Moreover, we would also like to have your view on this.

Even before the lockdown started, we had already asked most of our staff to work from home so that we could protect our employees, their families and also our customers. By the second week of March, we had developed a proper style of working and conducting meetings on daily basis for different teams in order to discuss the every day challenges and brainstorm solutions for them. Not only that, we also assisted our employees with any kind of IT needs they had in order to function smoothly.

Our company has always been very open to technological advancements. That’s the reason we were easily able to establish connection with all our employees across the country without any hassle. All the employees were easily able to attend the meetings on regular basis as they were able to connect over VPN communications that was already developed.

We promise to keep offering you the best of our services even in these challenging times. We are working very hard to meet each and every requirement of our customer or partner. Our teams are dedicated towards adapting to the changing needs of our customers. We want to reassure you again that you can depend on us with all your business needs as our teams are all ready to support your business.

We understand that these are not easy times and many companies are going to find it really tough to have their employees follow the work from home pattern. But if there is anything that we can help with, we will certainly be there at your service.

We wish good health for all your employees, families and friends. May we come out of this pandemic soon.


Radhika Sharma


Zenith Corporate Pvt. Ltd.

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Invitation Letter to Be Chairman of Wedding Reception

by admin on July 11, 2015

Wedding invitation letter is a formal way of inviting people to the wedding ceremony. It is generally addressed to close friends, relatives and other acquaintances. If it is your daughter’s wedding and you wish to invite your dear friend to be the chairman of the wedding reception then you must write a formal letter.

If you don’t know how to go about it then here is a formal sample wedding reception invitation letter addressing your friend to be the chairman of the function. Use it to create a personalized letter including all the details about the celebration.

Format for Invitation Letter to Be Chairman of Wedding Reception


Amanda Smith

26 Joseph Street

New York

Date: July 7, 2015


John Jackson

12 Richmond Street

New York

Dear Mr. Jackson,

We are elated to invite you for our daughter’s wedding. The purpose of writing this letter is to invite you as the Chairman of the wedding ceremony. Our daughter, Jessica is really attached with you and we would be really happy if you can join the celebrations as the chairman. The details of which have been mentioned below:

Date of Wedding: 1st August 2015

Venue of Wedding: St. George Church

Time of Wedding: 10 a.m. onwards

Venue of Reception: Sunrise Hotels

Time of Reception: 8 p.m. onwards

We are hopeful that you will accept our request and will be present on the special day to give your blessings to the couple. We would be happier if you can bring your wife and kids along.

Please send the confirmation of your presence so that we can make the required arrangements.

You hope to see you on this event.

Thanking you.

Truly yours,

Amanda Smith

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Notice And Acknowledgement of Service Rate Increase

by emily on July 20, 2012



This letter will confirm (person’s) telephone conversation with you today concerning an increase in our billing rate to (amount) per hour, effective (date) It is necessary that we request this increase due to a rise in the cost of conducting our business. We are faced with an increase in payroll taxes and insurance, along with an increase in our overhead costs. In addition to the above, we also seek out a modest profit.

Please find the attached copies of our service agreement and we request that you sign one copy and return it to us indicating your approval of this new rate.

Notice And Acknowledgement of Service Rate Increase

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Employment Letter

by emily on June 29, 2012


Date: _


To: _ (Employee)

Dear _:


We are delighted to inform you that we would like to confirm you as a new employee of our firm in _ position. You will have to report directly to _, commencing with your start of employment on _, 20_.

Your salary will start at $_ per _. AS per the company standards, you will also be covered by the standard group benefit plans and fringe benefits explained to you. For the first year vacation time shall be pro-rated, so you will be entitled to _ day vacation for this year.

If you agree, this letter sets for our understanding, please sign the enclosed copy and return for our files.

We look forward to your joining the company.


Best Regards,


 Employment Letter

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Company Credit Account Denial For Unfavorable Report 1

by emily on June 6, 2012



This is in reference to the application received for the company credit account. We have thoroughly reviewed your application for open account terms, and at this time are unable to open an account for your company. Should circumstances change in the future, please feel free to resubmit an application.

We value your business, and hope to keep you as a client. As a cash client you will be advised of all special sales, and we know that you will find our prices and services competitive enough to allow us to continue serving you.

If you have any questions about this decision, or if I may be of any help in any way with regard to your dealings with our company, please feel free to contact me at the above office.

 Company Credit Account Denial For Unfavorable Report 1