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Friendship Letters

Sample Travel Fundraising Letter

by emily on February 11, 2012

Mr. Roy Hughes

Rushford Chemicals Inc.

113, Mark’s Business Square

Lakewood, Colorado – 41258


August 02, 2012


Dear Mr. Hughes,

I am Steve Joseph, a graduate of Science (Chemistry) from the Lawrence College of Science, Los Angeles.

I excelled at academics during all my semesters. My college has recognized my talent and I have been accepted for my Masters abroad. Also, I have been awarded a scholarship by my college, but it only covers my tuition fee and provides me with a monthly allowance.

Now, I don’t have money to travel abroad as whatever I have is for the expenses on the foreign land. So, I need to raise money to finance my journey to Australia.

I am seeking your help for the same purpose. I will be really grateful for your support. The donation you give me will help me shape my future in the right direction.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your help.



Steve Joseph

Tel. No. 542-451-7856

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Sample Simple Fundraising Letter

by emily on February 11, 2012

Ms. Deborah Hayes

General Manager

Palm Days Eco Consultancy,

22, Fifth Crossing, Old Land St,

Santa Cruz, C. A. -25634


April 28, 2012


Dear Ms. Hayes,

This is Patricia Cole, writing on behalf of the ‘Save the Environment Foundation’.

Our organization comprises of young enthusiasts who are very concerned about the current environment issues and really want to do their bit for the betterment of our planet.

Today, there are different kinds of problems related to environment all around the world and the conditions are worsening day by day. Our group members want to save earth from this degradation.

Presently, we are planning to launch an extensive information campaign across the country. We will be mainly contacting the educational institutions. Our group members will be promoting the cause with posters, pamphlets, and materials. We will also organize events and contests to spread the word across.

To make this campaign successful, we are seeking financial support from organizations like yours. We are very hopeful that you will extend your generous support to our group.

We are looking forward to your positive response.



Mrs. Patricia Cole


Save the Environment Foundation

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Sample Emotional Friendship Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Mark Anderson

52, Ever Shining Appts,

New Dr,

Washington, D.C.

February 05, 2012


Dear Mark,

I am still feeling sorry for having a fight with you last week. I am really ashamed of my behavior with you.

I am still unable to find an answer that why I just could not control my temper over a very minor reason. I now feel that the mater was really of no worth fighting with you.

Now, I realize that I should not have done it. It was just a joke, but I got angry when you joined the other guys at the club. Initially I was really hurt by them, but seeing you with them may have angered me.

Mark, I still value your friendship and I want to be friends with you till the end of this life.

I hope after reading this letter you will forget everything and you will call me today evening.

I know you will understand it well that such a small thing doesn’t matter in our friendship. You are my best friend and only you will remain my best friend forever.

So, please forget this incident, accept my apology and let’s go outside tonight.

I am waiting for your call.

Your friend,

David Allen

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Simple Acquaintance Friendship Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Robert Carlson

12, New Path Dr,

Spokane, Washington


Dear friend,

I am Mark Anderson. I was introduced to you by our team leader. Today, I am writing in to you to tell you that my younger brother has got an admission at the Ralph University. He knows no one there. So, I decided to drop a line to you and discuss something with you.

Presently, he is staying at an apartment that is in the same locality where you live. So, I just wanted to make sure that he has someone to approach in case of any kind of help.

I know you are a generous man and, you will help my brother.

Thanks for your time and understanding.


Mark Anderson

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Sample Poetic Friendship Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Anne Moore

High Morals Ave,

Old Terminal St,

Arlington, Virginia

June 07, 2012

Dearest friend,


It’s you, one and only

A very, rare & true friend of mine

One who cares and loves so much

That makes me feel happy & safe every day

The times we shared in these years were

Full of cheers, laughter & happiness

It was you in times of trouble.

You never left me when I needed you

I feel really empty when you leave me

I thought I would break easily day by day

But, your love made me strong

Your words and advices taught me a lot

Yes, you are not with me anymore

But, I know that you are in my heart forever.



Melissa James

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Sample Girlfriend Friendship Letters

by emily on January 25, 2012

Edina White

26, Marshall Rd,

Austin, Texas

April23, 2012

My dear Edina,

I miss you a lot since you left for your cousin’s place.

I tried to reach you last week, but the number was not connecting.

So, how is your cousin now?

Is he recovering?

Please update me with his medical position.

And, I forgot to tell you that in your absence I tried to sharpen my home improvement skills.

I took up a home gardening course. And, I have almost completed it and now, I am planning to set up a nursery with many kinds of plants and colorful flowers in it. My garden will be completed by next Sunday and by that time, you would also have arrived.

I really have increased my knowledge on home gardening and, I will show you my skills.

I am waiting for you dear. When you will come back, we will go to our favorite restaurant.


Peter McDonalds

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Sample Boyfriend Friendship Letters

by emily on January 25, 2012

Anthony Collins

42, Western Dr,

Miami, Florida

Dear Anthony,

Hope you are doing well and enjoying sound health.

I am enjoying here in the big apple, New York. But, I get bored sometimes due to stretched training hours that demands writing research papers, & reports etc.

How is life there? Has anything new happened to you?

I came across some people who belong to our own town. It was nice meeting them. I talked to them for sometime and also had lunch together.

Now, I am coming back on July 20, 2012 for a week. We will enjoy or the whole week.

I want you to be present at the airport, I want to hug you right there. And, don’t forget to bring some red roses for me.

I will email you when my ticket is confirmed.


Truly Yours,

Sarah Carter

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Sample Distant Friendship Letters

by emily on January 25, 2012

Oliver King

52, Louis Ave,

Chula Vista, California

July 13, 2012


Dear Oliver,

How are you doing in California? How is life there? Is whether cool there?

I know I asked you many questions, but at the same time, I would like to say that nowadays we do not get many answers from you. Now, you are not that close to me and other friends like you used to be.

I miss you a lot. I miss you more on weekends. Do you remember that on weekends, we would get along together on every weekend and enjoy till late night?

Our different career choices have created differences among us. But, I always go to your family when I am free. All your family members are fine.

So, when are you coming home? If you come on leave, then please make sure that it is close to one month.

I am waiting for your reply friend.

Your friends,

Mark, Steve, Joseph and David

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Sample Hilarious Friendship Day Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Michael Clark

310, Sheraton Encl,

Baton Rouse, Louisiana

Dear Michael,

How are you doing?

It really disturbs me when I see that nowadays, I do not get letters from your side.

I hope you remember that today is international friendship day. I wish you a happy friendship day.

I remember that we celebrated this day last year when we were together, but now we are miles apart. I still cherish those memories, the moments I spent with you making many mistakes and, laughing on ourselves.

We used to play pranks on our teachers & professors, ragging our juniors and enjoying outside. Those days were the best days of our lives.

Wishing you a happy friendship day

Your best friend,

Ricky Thomas

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Sample Happy Friendship Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Ms. Adrian Walker

Apt. 24, John Heights

Republic Ave.

Irvine, California

June, 26, 2012


My dear friend,

Hope you read this letter in the best of your health.

We have not met since a very long time. I want to talk to you for hours as I have many things to talk about.

I want to tell you that there are a lot of great things happened to me. I am very excited to share it with you.

My loving boyfriend has proposed me, and soon we will get married. I need your help for a lot of maters. I am very excited about my new life, but you will always be in my heart. No one can take your place in my life.

So, why don’t we meet up this Sunday and let’s have fun together.


Tom Anderson

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