Self Introduction Email to All Employees from New HOD

The purpose of employee self introduction email is to formally introduce oneself to the other members of the organization. The introduction email helps in establishing a quick connect with other people in the department. This post includes a Sample Self Introduction Email to All Employees from New HOD. The Introduction Email Template shared below makes … Read more

Sample Personal Introduction Letter

To, Mr. John Abraham 25th Floor, High street, NY-1908 Subject: Personal Introduction Letter Dear Sir, I have the honor to introduce myself as a worker of the local Community Office, posted last week, for looking after the general health and the people’s grievances in the locality. Sir, you being the most responsible and honored personality … Read more

Sample New Salesperson Introduction Letter

To, Mr. Dale Coring Imedia Technologies, 221/18,North Avenue, London Subject: New Salesperson Introduction Letter Dear Sir, You will appreciate that we have been doing business at your locality successfully for last six years. It is also a pleasure for us to announce that we have always received your patronage in maintaining our business activities and … Read more

Sample New Product Introduction Letter

From: Henry Newman,   Bluestar Enterprises 28, January 2012 Mr.Ryan Bruney, Director Imedia Technologies, Texas. Dear Mr. Bruney, It is with great pride and pleasure we present to you our latest beauty product, (The Anti-Achne Cream).  It has won great reviews from all our customers. We would like to offer this product free of cost … Read more