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Important Letter Writing Etiquette for Introductory Salutation

by emily on July 24, 2021

Introductory Salutation Letter Writing Etiquette, business letter
Introductory Salutation Letter Etiquette

Introductory salutation has a very important role to play in every kind of letter writing. It actually sets the ambiance for the rest of the letter. It can make or simply break the effectiveness linked with the sentiment of the letter. You need to consider the kind of relationship you entertain with the recipient. This is very important especially in business letters. The level of formality is always linked to the name, gender and position of the person the letter is sent to.

Basic Introductory Salutation Letter Etiquette

Here is a list of the basic introductory salutations you need to keep in mind in the letter writing process:

  • ‘Dear’ followed by the person’s name is generally the most standard way to open a business letter. Examples may be Dear Patrick, Dear Ms. Wong, Dear Mr. and Dr. Simpson, Dear Professor Ben etc.
  • If you are not must familiar with the reader or your relationship is a bit formal, you may use ‘Dear’ followed by the title and the last name or simply use the first name. For example, Dear Ms. Herper or Dear Rose.
  • If you are uncertain if a woman uses Miss or Mrs., use Ms. just to be on the safe side.
  • Use Professor, Dean, Sister, Rabbi, Imam, Senator, Governor, Captain, Admiral, and Judge instead of Mr., Ms., Mrs., and Dr. for these designations.
  • Use both names in the introductory salutation if you are writing to two people. For example, Dear Mr. Watson and Ms. Taylor
  • If you are uncertain about a person’s gender, use the full name instead. For example, Dear M.K. Cooper.
  • If you are uncertain about a person’s name or gender use generic greetings like ‘Dear Recruiter’, ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ instead of ‘To Whom It May Concern’.

Here is a tip: If you know the recipient quite well, salutations won’t matter much, but of you are in any kind of dilemma, always choose the formal route. The bottom line is salutation can make or break the success of your communication. The more appropriate your salutation is the more is the chance of a positive response.

To sum up, what matters in salutation is to determine the level of formality you want to forecast. If you could get this part right, you won’t have much difficulty in choosing the right salutation.

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Introduction of New Salesperson Letter

by emily on April 12, 2012

123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code

February 23, 2012
[Mention Recipient’s Address Here]

As you must be aware that [old sales person name] is no longer servicing your account because [reason]. Nonetheless, I’m very glad to introduce you to [name of new salesperson] as your new account agent. I’m certain that [first name of new person] will do a great job for you. [He/She] [Mention his credentials]

In order to ensure a smooth transition, I’d like to set up a meeting with you, [previous person’s first name] and [new person’s first name] as soon as possible. We’ll be calling you soon to confirm a time.

Kind Regards,

Tim Williams

Encl: [List of enclosed items goes here]

Download Sample Introduction of New Salesperson Letter In Word Format

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Sample Business Introduction Letter Format

by emily on February 14, 2012

Size of the Paper: A4 size

Size of the Font: 12 points

Layout: Semi-blocked, blocked or fully blocked

The letter should start with the Name of the sender and address at the left hand corner of the page with 1” margin.

Afterwards the date (E.g. 16 June 2002 or June, 16 2002) has to be written at the extreme left.

The Name, Designation, Company and the Address of the receiver shall be written next, all at the left corners with proper salutation.

Begin the letter with Dear Mr./Ms/Mrs.

In the first paragraph, start with introducing yourself and your purpose in brief to the receiver.

In the next paragraph introduce your company and its activities.

In the last paragraph mention the purpose of the letter and closing has to be done with thanking the reader.

The complimentary close has to be “Yours Faithfully”, “Sincerely”, “Regards”, “Respectfully yours”.

The letter has to end with proper signature.

The enclosures, if any have to be mentioned at the end of the entire letter.

The letter has to have single spacing throughout.

 Download Sample Business Introduction Letter Format In Word Format