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Welcome Letter Format

by emily on May 9, 2012


Recipient’s Name,

Recipient’s Address,


Subject: [Mention the subject of letter in a line]

Dear _____________ [Write salutation and first name of the recipient]

Introductory paragraph: [In the first paragraph the sender should introduce him/ her on behalf of the company and mention important details. After the introduction, the sender should then write and welcome the recipient [new employee] of the letter to the company or the entity on behalf of the whole firm.]

Second paragraph: [In this paragraph the sender must encourage the recipient and give him/ her best wishes for his/ her future experience. The sender can also give confidence and support the recipient for the work which he/ she is supposed to carry on.]

Warm regards

Sender’s Name

Designation [mention the designation/ profile of the sender and company’s name]

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Thank You Letter Format

by emily on April 27, 2012

Name of the recipient

Designation (If official)

Company Name



Dear Recipient Name,

Introductory Paragraph: Starting lines of a letter is very important. It is advisable to start paragraph by thanking, this gives a clear idea to the recipient about the reason of writing the letter. Just keep the first paragraph short and to the point. Always remember to refer to the gift by name as in photo frame or pen and not just as a gift or present. It gives a personal touch to the letter.

Next Paragraph: You should abstain from using any kind of slang words. Describe the details of present and also state, exactly why you liked the present so much and how you will use it.

Sign off the letter humbly by saying Thank you once more and looking forward to meet you in person to say thanks.

Yours Truly,

Your name,


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Sample Business Introduction Letter Format

by emily on February 14, 2012

Size of the Paper: A4 size

Size of the Font: 12 points

Layout: Semi-blocked, blocked or fully blocked

The letter should start with the Name of the sender and address at the left hand corner of the page with 1” margin.

Afterwards the date (E.g. 16 June 2002 or June, 16 2002) has to be written at the extreme left.

The Name, Designation, Company and the Address of the receiver shall be written next, all at the left corners with proper salutation.

Begin the letter with Dear Mr./Ms/Mrs.

In the first paragraph, start with introducing yourself and your purpose in brief to the receiver.

In the next paragraph introduce your company and its activities.

In the last paragraph mention the purpose of the letter and closing has to be done with thanking the reader.

The complimentary close has to be “Yours Faithfully”, “Sincerely”, “Regards”, “Respectfully yours”.

The letter has to end with proper signature.

The enclosures, if any have to be mentioned at the end of the entire letter.

The letter has to have single spacing throughout.

 Download Sample Business Introduction Letter Format In Word Format